Monday, October 15, 2012

Of Cats and Chaos

Four weeks into the quarter now and things are going pretty well. Two interesting classes: an American Government research class and an International Relations class using a Zombie theme. 

A little racing and took a little trip too . . . 

To Tempe for a Undergraduate Research Dialogue Day . . . here is my presentation.

Grey and cold when I left Seattle warm in the 90's when I arrived. Very pretty trip, including the crop circle we went over.


Cold and grey when I got back to Seattle too.

When did they start making beer cans look like soda cans?

Clearly I need to get out more.

So, where are the cats in all this?

Let me offer the following drink recipe:
The Cupertini
Fresh Lime Juice (one lime)
Jigger of Creme de Violette
Jigger of Gin
Selzer water
one iPhone 4

OK, how my phone end up stirring a cocktail, a Cupertini as M has dubbed it. Let's just say that it involved cats and chaos theory. 

M, our house sitter, told me that the cats had behaved themselves all weekend. Ke in particular was very mellow. No fights, nothing. Cool. Maybe he is shifting out of his ornery pattern? Two hours after M left Ke started bothering Mo, even after I fed them all. As a consequence Ke spent some time in the cooler (his carrying cage we have in the corner of the living room as a time out) but that did not diminish what he was doing. I had mixed myself a drink, Lime juice, gin, creme de violette, and sparkling water on the rocks, and had set it down on the little table next to the couch. Snappy Dragon had called to verify my address and I was just putting the phone down when Mo came running through with Ke hot on her tail. He had already hit her. He surprised me and I managed to drop my phone right in my drink. Pulled it right out but had to rescue Mo first before I could dry it off all the time hoping that it was going to be OK. it worked but pretty soon the liquid worked its way down the whole case and that was that. Occasionally the home button would fire the home screen and the silence button worked but that was it. Not quite bricked but just on the way to being drowned.

And, of course, it was out of warranty. Found that out the morning after. 

So I made a genius bar appointment for 10 am the next day and walked down there. Kind of an amazing line up at the Apple Store. People wanting to pick up their iPhone 5's I guess. The woman who checked me in said it would cost 149 to replace the phone and that was the best they could do if it was drowned. OK. Yep it was drowned. While waiting for the person who was going to help me I watched other people being helped. A four year old kid had head-butted an iPad. 259 to replace the unit. The dad said to the kid, you understand what that number means? Kid didn't. I kinda wish I could have that conversation with Ke too. Then there was woman who worked for a large urban school district which shall not be named who was working with her laptop. Not sure what she did but she seemed clueless. Not new to apple laptops either as she pointed out continually. The genius helping her was quite patient, good thing to see, and helped her with some of the accessories she brought. She did not, for instance, know the difference between audio in and audio out. Finally, my genius came and took the phone into the back. Had to open it up to get at the serial number as the connector was hosed and corroded. Suggested that I go up to the ATT store to get a new sim card too as the other one might have had a problem due to corrosion. I had to wait another 45 minutes for that store to open as well. Got a coffee at SBUX and sat outside for a bit. Similar line up at the ATT store too but I got helped right off and then walked home to get the phone set up from a back up.


But I am laughing. :-)