Monday, September 10, 2012

Flipping that Zombie Switch

Fifteen days remain in the summer and last week that switch in my head flipped from vacation/summer-mode back to "work mode." I am not really sure how I feel about that given how rejuvenating the past three months have been.

This morning I've been thinking an awful lot about Zombies.

My Fall section of International Relations will revolve around a Zombie Apocalypse theme.

Thanks for this (or blame really) goes to Doug Van Belle and Daniel Drezner who have done some fun writing about Zombies and International Relations theory—Van Belle wrote a very interesting piece on bringing Zombies into the classroom which I was supposed to review (on deadline) but which I never quite got around to and Drezner who has been blogging and writing about such matters since 2009. Very cool stuff and I am glad they did the heavy lifting as I am just not that creative, at least as far as The Undead are concerned.

Maybe it is because I really don't know much about Zombies having not paid attention to the canonical literature. The films are repetitively gory and, as a friend observed the other day, if you cannot outrun them then you are really pathetic. He was, of course referring to the traditional Romero-esque Zombie and not the super-Zombies of "Dawn of the Dead." Either way you are dead, or maybe not . . .

Then there are all the students who have been playing Zombies versus Humans. They seem more engaged in running around and engaging in shifting alliances than reading Morganthau and/or Waltz.

It has been fun to go through this literature and to see how deeply Zombies have penetrated the Zeitgeist (why that is another matter of discussion) including running (as in Run For Your Lives).

Very much looking forward to trying all this out.

Meanwhile my work email is cluttering up with all kinds of messages from textbook publishers offering tips on "engaging different learning styles." I wonder what "learning style" (blech) suits the Undead?



Max said...

Once you've fully immersed yourself in the... canonical literature, you must watch the epic satire of the genre: Shaun of the Dead.

rpd said...

Ah Max, indeed. Already done so and it was a pleasurable experience compared to Walking Dead!