Monday, June 18, 2012

OWS Issues

Kind of a rainy June morning here in Seattle. 53 degrees at 6 am. No wind.

I woke up early to join Sj, Les, and K2 for a 40-minute swim in Green Lake. According to the West Green Lake monitoring station the water is currently 64 degrees. 

Two other guys were down there as we were getting ready, one training for August's Swim for Life and the other for a Iron Man (not Canada). 

Putting my face into the water was kind of hard but Linsey Corbin put it well: 

Anyone can race on the easy day. Champions rise in adverse conditions. Be a warrior and let's go all-in. 
(Originally from:

So I went all in, put my head down and swam. And swam. And swam. 

It went OK. 

No, actually, this swim was a bit frustrating (as was the swim before) and I am not sure what is going on. 

Just not feeling speedy through the water compared to last year. Running out of energy as well.  I have noticed that I tend to swim faster than the people I am with during the first half of the swim and then slow down on the way back. I am not sure it is a matter of going out too fast as much as it is the ability to sustain and increase energy output. Looking back to last year's records it looks like during training I was swimming the mile in about 30 minutes. This year I've been doing it in between 35-38 minutes. 

Today I noticed the head thing that Les pointed out during my last swim with her. When I get tired my head comes out of the water and I start flailing around a bit. Good to know what happens when I get tired in the water.  OK, gotta get me head down and also kick. I'll try that. 

The other issue is energy coupled with seasonal stress (the end of the school year is always a challenge). 

Yet another thing to suss out. 

GLOWS is this Sunday and I registered this morning. :-) 

Something of a fitness test I think. 


sjohnie said...

you might be starting off to fast....think of it like a run, you wouldn't start off too fast, you would warm up first :-).

rpd said...

Yes. I seem to do better after a warm-up. :-)