Friday, June 22, 2012

Legs and Ladders

29 more days until Chelan.

Last night I had my first "ladder" workout at the track—1 mile WU, 2X400's, 1X800, 1X1200, 1X800, 2X400, 1 mile CD.

Met PuddleThumper, who has sort of been grumbling about the rain of late (but not really), in the parking lot and we took off for our warm-up. She didn't tell me that it was pretty much up-hill almost immediately and I was huffing and puffing pretty soon after starting (better earlier than later I suppose)—I am on summer break now and, somehow, my body thinks it should be too.

Got to the track and just started in on my workout on an amazingly uncrowded track (there are a number of big races going on this weekend which I am sure contributed to the relative emptiness of the scene. Fine by me, no dodging lacrosse players as they wander aimlessly and cluelessly around.

Great workout, very consistent and also hard.

PuddleThumper had a short workout, she is one of those running one of those big races this weekend, and started taking pictures. This is one (above) that she got of me and I am both impressed and not.

My legs are pretty big but I guess I didn't really know how big as this is a view I generally don't see.

My form? It would be nice to be leaning more forward and landing more on my forefoot. Something to work on.

And what am I doing this weekend?

Saturday I'll be barreling up the BG Trail and then bricking to a run. On Sunday, I'll be G. L. O. W. S.-ing.

Of course, rain is forecast for both days . . .

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