Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Weird It Feels . . .

I've decided to take the plunge, literally, and train for the Chelanman Olympic Triathlon this July. Why? It just seems silly not to swim and ride when I like doing them so much. Besides, multisport training can help me make a healthier athlete right?

It is just that it just feels weird.

Weird not to be running six days a week. My body is either liking this or not, I cannot tell yet, and my mind hasn't quite reconciled itself to the change. I know that I am working but at this point in my training I feel like I am simply slacking off. That is the strange part.

At the same time I am learning all kinds of new things, like how to swim properly. 1.5 mentally exhausting hours in the pool this morning made so because I had to concentrate on changing my technique. What I remember from junior high swimming and what I have been doing since then is flat out wrong. You are supposed to roll back-and-forth when stroking to minimize resistance. I suspect that the theory behind staying level is that you are not wasting energy. I guess there really a trade off between twisting or rocking and lessening resistance on the one hand and bucking into the water. Looking at video of triathlon swimmers starting off it always looks odd to me. I suppose that competitive swimmers (Phelps, etc.) also do the same thing but they look so very, very rock solid in the water too. It is all confusing.

I wonder if TYR Nest Pros can be done in prescription? Simply the best goggles I've ever had. No leaks. No Leaks!

Wet suit? That is coming next, after swimming paddles.

Isn't swimming supposed to be simple?

Never thought I'd enjoy riding on an indoor trainer either but I am. It seems like most of Seattle is doing the same as I cannot find a trainer tire at any of my local bike shops (next stop is online I guess) and my poor road tire is melting from the heat. Tomorrow my coach has me riding one-legged to build strength. This will be novel.

I wish I could hook myself up to an electrical generator. Seems a shame to waste all that energy when I could be charging something. Right?

So far I can say that all this cross training has helped my running. Leg lifts are easier as is turnover and when my back feels tightly compressed from a run a swim stretches me out nicely. Though challenging, the Orcas 25K a few weeks ago was easier for all this other work. Nice high leg-lifts meant that I did not trip over any rocks and roots as is my normal practice in a long race. Recovery was a bit easier except for the stuck tendon in my right leg that loosened right up once I got back on the bike.

Yep. I think I am going to like this. Certainly I will need it.

In other news.

Remodeling mayhem is in full swing. Never thought I would fall in love with a refrigerator (a German one) or learn about building codes, shiplap, insulation, and utility masts but I am. It is not so bad except for the times when I have to answer a question every five minutes, a decision that will be "permanent" or expensively temporary. And then there are all those expensive unforeseen issues. At least we are doing our part to restart the economy with this orgy of consumerism, right?

The quarter is winding down. We've entered the ninth week and it just seems unreal. Looking over some essays the other day I realized that my students are smarter than me. DW said "Well, it is about time! :-P" I agree. Kind of nice. In the meantime, guess what, the professorate is not churning out rabid left-wingers at all despite the best protestations of the right. Of course, we are going to go through another round of deep budget cuts which will be painful and, guess what, likely stop the orgy of consumerism, the very orgy needed to get the bloody economy going in the first instance unless, of course, you would much rather sell cars in China. Yeah, this is wearing.

Better go hop on the bike for a bit. :-)


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

just be glad you don't live in vegas (or, nevada). if our new governer gets his way they will be closing most of the CC campuses in the state due to his education cuts.

have fun with the training!

rpd said...


Glad to see you are still around. Will do!

That would be bad but I guess this is what happens when the public is a "meat cleaver" rather than an "scalpel"mood. Most CC's in this state are already at the bone which means that the only thing left to do is to cut people. Self-defeating if you think about it given that that just puts more burden on the economy and, potentially, social welfare system.