Friday, July 23, 2010

Ragnar ?

Greetings from somewhere outside of Conway. We are at a school, an elementary school with boys and girls rooms, been a while.

Sleeping and resting. Van 2 is hauling ass and we should be back on in an hour or so. Sunny and breezy. Lots of sleepy people out here.

I'll be the first runner who has to wear reflective gear for the evening.

Had my first smore in I don't know how long, since i was a kid maybe. Hasn't really improved since then actually.

Had a nice nap and seem to have gotten ahead of my hunger but, in truth, my stomach is not feeling so well. Seems to have settled though. Hope it does not give me trouble on thenrun.

It is interesting to look at the other vans and their running crews.

Here in van 1 there is a discussion of beer, premium beer. This following a discussion of food.

Ran an 8:56 for my first leg. We'll see how the second one goes. :-)