Friday, July 23, 2010

Ragnar 6

Cap'n Ron is out running through the dark flats of La Conner, we are refreshing ourselves at La Conner HS, and preparing to hand off to Van 2 who, is just coming off a big pasta feed with wine and someone's mother's house. Color me jealous. I am also pretty wired.

I ran something like a 8:13 pace on my last run and am feel pretty good. Never really thought that a Swiss Miss hot chocolate could taste so good.

Stomach has calmed down and I am going to give the rest of my Subway Sandwiches a miss as our cooled is no longer cool. No sense in tempting fate. Switching over to fig newtons, popcorn, almonds, and trail mix (if I can find it). Just ate a banana too.

Our next stop is going to be the camp ground at Deception Pass. if we guestimate what Van 2 does we'll have to start running again st about 3:30 am. Figure an hour for GVB's last run and i'll be going at 4:30 or 5:00.

Feeling so much better this year compared to two years ago. Running a bit slower I suppose but the big difference is that we started earlier and I am real still within my waking day.

Ok, time time to head out and see what is happening.

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