Monday, April 26, 2010

Tick, Tick, Tick . . .

The end of marathon training so . . . so anti-climatic. The taper I mean. Two weeks at 32 down from 60+. Six days to go and what am I running this week?

Monday 3 m run, Tuesday 4 x 400, Wednesday 2 m run, Thursday rest, Friday rest, Saturday 2 m run, Sunday 26.2

Of course this is not going to work out as I don't fancy running a track workout after work, a 9:00 PM (are the lights even on?). We'll see.

It has been a rather eventful couple of weeks. The Florida trip took quite a bit out of me and I've been feeling off since my return. Running has been alright and I've managed, only just, to avoid disaster as things wind down. Disaster?

I have a bad habit of doing something nasty to one of my ankles two weeks before a marathon. Since this has happened three times and this will be my third marathon I can say with 100% certainty that this is part of my training ritual. Badly rolled ankle descending Tiger Summit before Portland, slashed ankle before Seattle Rock N Roll (broken glass in a garbage bag I was taking out), and this time?

LAST weekend I had to do myself an injury. It was one of those days where my shoes just didn't want to fit right and I ended up with an inflamed tendon going up the front of my ankle (I basically ran the last three miles with my shoe untied to keep the pressure off). To make matters worse I managed to drop a board right on the tendon while cleaning. Ankle blew up a bit. And then there was the severe nipple chaffing that went on because of the humidity and generally warm air but the less said about that the better. Not the worst 18.5 miler I've had but it came close. Certainly the most embarrassing . . .

All flipping week I have been worried about my ankle. I've been icing, resting, not running so much, etc.. Bought a new pair of shoes (needed to anyway but). Nothing I did was taking the soreness away and I was beginning to think that I had actually broken it. ARGH! Wouldn't that be typical?

Started off this past Saturday with my shoe loosely tied and with a different lacing type. It hurt going downhill. Oh how it hurt and I thought that I would not be getting very far. S$#t! Stopped, took off my shoe, and massaged the tendon. The pain went away. OK. Put my shoe back on and started running. Pain came back. S$#t! S$#t! OK, now what? Idea. Roll my sock down. BINGO!!!! The tops of my sock was compressing the tendon and making it sore. This explains why I've been having some much trouble this week. No pain! No soreness! No nothing! Duh! Ah, err, I am so relieved. Just have to make sure that my socks don't come up much beyond the top of the shoe. That and put bandaids on my nipples.

Ran the inaugural Top Pot 5K as a tune-up this weekend. Ran out there, raced, and ran home after skipping the complementary donut. The race went really well and it felt nice to cut loose a bit. Came in 518 out of 2243 runners in 26:25. Would have been fast but this was such a crowded field and I had to stop and retrieve my Garmin just before the finish because another runner's elbow hit the quick release and it went flying. Ah well. A solid 8:30 performance.

Of course, somehow, between the time I registered on Saturday afternoon and the race I managed to switch from being a male runner to a female runner. This happens every time I submit a hand written registration.

Lots of stuff to finish before heading down to Eugene on Friday. Taking the train. Sure hope that they have WiFi on board.

I'll be wearing 1265 next week.

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