Saturday, April 10, 2010

Epcotus Interruptus

Hee! Hee!

I got in "trouble" this morning on my run this morning.

My plan was to run from the Dolphin out to Epcot Center, that distinctive dome that I always see in the pictures of WDW. Silly me. Epcot Center is acreage rather than just a building.

So off I went. It was actually kind of chilly with a wind out of the ENE that raised some goose flesh. Dawn was not a hint at this hour and the moon shone clearly through a light haze. The birds were just starting their morning noise. The only signs of human activity were the various "cast members" and "crews" driving into work, the early morning hotel staff quietly going about their business, and a single runner sitting in the lobby thoughtfully drinking a glass of water and waiting, I presume, for her running buddies. Off I went, forcing myself to go slow and following paths and signs towards Epcot. Found the correct path and had to go over a fence (first clue I ignored) and then started picking my way along what looked like a path. The I heard "Excuse Me!" (very loud) and I stopped and turned to see a security guard hurrying my way. "You can't be in here yet. The Park is not open." "This is the Park!!!?" I said. "Yes" he replied. I apologized, said that I thought that "Epcot was over there", and headed back the way I came only a little embarrassed. You see, it didn't look like a park . . .

Finished the run by hitting some of the areas that I have been running over the past couple of days and then headed back to the hotel for a shower, and left-over pizza for breakfast.

First panel of the day was packed. The Magic Kingdom was open last night for PTK members until 2:00 AM and, judging from the droopy eyes, most of the students and faculty had gone. But there were there, ready with questions about the upcoming honors study topic. I am impressed. They acquitted themselves much better than faculty and grad students do on the first session on the last day of a conference (in my experience it is generally the presenters talking to one or two folks).

One more panel this afternoon (I am skipping the convention part this morning, the noise, crowd, and intensity is too much for me) and I'll catch up with my students and TLF work. Planning on one more run this afternoon/evening, through Epcot Center of course, and then more work. Early shuttle tomorrow and a long day of flying.

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