Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yasso 800's

Well, here is a new one on me. Higdon's week six plan says:
Thursday: Back to the track for more speed training. Today's track workout is 5 x 800 meters, jogging or walking 2-3 minutes between. Do the 800s at about 5-K pace. If you decided to try Yasso Repeats, check the introduction to the Advanced schedules for a reminder as to how this works. You can do this same 5 x 800 workout on the road or even on trails. If you don't have exact measurements, run for time instead of distance. For example, if you normally run 6:00 mile pace in a 5-K, an equivalent workout would be 5 x 3:00.

Hmm. Yasso Repeats? What is that?

Mr. Burfoot provides the answer.

Might give it a try. Now, what was my 5K pace again?

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