Thursday, February 11, 2010


Run 7.30-Track (2-mile warm-up, 5X800's, 1-mile cool down)

Not quite Yasso's, at least I think not but there you go.

I decided to run early in the day because the last time I had a hard 7-miler just before yoga class, all the stretchy-bendy stuff just was not pleasant. Running "early" will give my legs time to cool off a bit as it were.

Decided to do the standard AR track thing. Ran a two-mile warm-up around the north part of the lake, did the workout, and then one mile back. It was pretty lonely out there, although half-way through the track portion some guy started walking (slowly) around the track. I used the McMillan calculator to come up with what I thought would be a good target to shoot for (3:25 or so) based upon a 2:03 half. That was too fast but since Higdon called for a 5K pace for this workout 8:30's were pretty good. Decided to split the difference. Two at around 8:30 and two a bit faster with a final 800 pushing a little faster but only if I felt during the fourth that I had another one or two 800's left in me. I did, and went for it with the notion of a strong finish in mind. It went well overall. I don't think I really warmed up until my first 800 but then everything felt pretty good. Hamstrings were very much cooled off and stretched out but adductors and other front-side muscles were singing (will have to focus on this during yoga). Hips felt pretty good, especially after yesterday's trail run. Strong and controlled? I would say, bang on my intentions. I am tired but not thwacked and, therefore, quite happy. HR was a little high, especially stubborn on the cool down run but not so out of whack.

I was so famished when finished that I decided to go straight to Whole Foods for eggs, biscuits with gravy, and BACON! MMMMM BACON!

My legs feel really good, not sore at all but kind of nicely warm and tingly and loose. Blew the gunk out of them today. :-)

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Slomohusky said...

Watch the bacon Homer :). I noticed Kirkland has a Half Marathon in May. Know anyone who has done it? We used to live very near Juanita Beach before moving from the area.