Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Does this look real to you or like something out of Avatar?

Well, I hope so because I just booked in for the PTK Convention this coming April. The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin.

Looks like a cruise ship on land!

I don't actually have to leave this place for the 4 days (except to go to Disney World—Not going to happen . . . negative data from days working in theme park.

Please, please, someone, tell me there are good places to run!

In Orlando . . .

In April . . .

Well, there is this and this.

(somebody I know will be going to DC. Now there is a fun place to run . . . in April . . .)


Mr. P said...

Stayed at the Swan for vacation one year and the family really enjoyed it. You'll be smack in the middle of the highest concentration of restaraunts on Disney property. We were there in August (don't recommend it) and I still managed to run a fair amount. There is the Boardwalk area nearby to run on as well as a path over to the Studios. Not much as far as trails go. It's very quiet before everyone else is up and about.

You may want to consider a visit to Epcot since you can walk right over to it. World Showcase has great atmosphere and food from the different countries. (I won't get into the drinks)


rpd said...

Thanks Mr. P!

So, tell me about the drinks. :-P