Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nike Free: Update to the Update

So, I received my custom Frees Version 5's this past December (12/7/10) to be precise, about a month after I ordered them. LOVED THEM!

On January 12, 2010 I contacted Nike Customer Service to arrange for their return. :-(

Seems that the fabric that takes the place of the heel cup wore out after just over a month. I discovered this as my finger went right through one of the heels as I was putting them on.

Did I say that I loved these shoes? Yes, but they should have lasted more than a month don't you think?
Here's hoping that the folks at the "Blue Ribbon Direct" on Tuggle Road in Memphis see fit to issue me a credit.

Broke down this past Friday and went down to the NikeTown store in downtown Seattle and bought another pair of Free 5.0 V4's (Black and Anthrocite). Good excuse, too, to join PuddleThumper for lunch at Cafe Pho (yummy Vietnamese Sandwich for me).

Ahh! My feet and legs are happy again.

Over the past few months I have become acutely sensitive to how much "regular" shoes weaken my feet and ankles. Edward Tenner's Our Own Devices: How Technology Remakes Humanity has a very interesting chapter on shoes and the manner in which they evolved and the impact that they have on how we use our bodies. Turns out that the "common" shoe (and probably the first one invented) is some variation of the flip flop. Even more interesting are the differences in walking style based upon the primary shoe in use. Check it out.


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sorry about the shoes. take care of those feet. sounds like a great lunch as well.