Friday, January 1, 2010

My Running Year, 2009

My 2009 running year ended on 12/23/09 with a short run in my neighborhood. The cause? A cold which has translated itself into bronchitis. Antibiotics are supposed to put paid to this but, while much of the congestion has gone, most activity sends me into paroxysms of stomach tightening, headache inducing coughing, an unpleasant experience both to undertake and to witness. Still not as bad as D, one of my T3 Teammates, who just found out that she has a stress fracture of the femoral neck that has her on crutches for 6 weeks. Put's things into perspective, eh?

What did this year look like?

It had it's up's and down's. :-P

Some numbers and other bits of trivia:

Total Miles: 1527.90
Races Completed: 11
  1. Resolution Run 5K
  2. 3000 Meter XC
  3. Nookachamps 13.1 miles
  4. 2 Mile Track
  5. 2 Mile Handicap Race
  6. Cougar Mtn 7 mile race
  7. Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon
  8. Cougar Mtn 10 mile race
  9. Cougar Mtn 13 mile race
  10. Seattle Half Marathon
  11. 3000 Meter XC
PR's Set: 0
Race's DNS'd: 3 (5 mile Cougar Trail Race, Portland Marathon and Winter Grand Prix 2-Mile Road Race)
Shoes Expended: 7
  • 3 pairs of Mizuno Wave Ascend's
  • 3 pairs of Mizuno Wave Elixir's
Most Challenging Run: Spider Meadow and Spider Glacier
Most Exotic Running Locale of the Year: Maui
Running Locale I wish I had more time to explore: Haleakala Crater and Vancouver B.C.
Number of Trail Runs: 81 for 564.17 miles in which I gained 196025 feet

Overall I am pleased with how I did this past year.

I had a vague goal of 1500 miles this time last year but (actually) forgot all about it until pleasantly surprised in late November to have crossed that mark. No running injuries this past year which means that my approach (yoga, strengthening my lower legs via barefooting and Nike Frees) is generally working. I've more work to do to balance my knee and thigh strength.

Running on Maui, in Vancouver, Santa Barbara, and Tofino. In each I was left wanting more and would have done had the governor not banned out-of-state travel which nixed the conferences I wanted to attend. I am hoping that I'll have more such opportunities in 2010.

Some really challenging and new mountain runs with AR was a real highlight. Spider Meadow but also running from Cougar, over Squak, up Tiger, and then back down through Issaquah one week and then an extended Rattlesnake Ridge run really tested me. There were times during these runs when I did not feel at all like a runner but that usually passed.

Running my first official Marathon (second time unofficially) was something else. I basically trained myself on this one using AR group runs (thanks, Coach, for the patience) as my base along with long in-town runs of my own devise. In this I learned that I (mostly) have the mental toughness to do such things on my own. Even managed to find new and interesting places in Seattle to get lost in. Making the final .2 miles into the finish was one of the most wonderful moments I have had as a runner.

I also realized that if you can finish strong in a 13.1 mile trail race you can finish even more strongly during a road half-marathon.

Most importantly, and once again, I benefitted by a rather strong set of running friends (you know who you are). I love my little family of runners and knowing that all of the things that I go through in my own running life are not unique. It helps put things into perspective.

What am I not so happy about?

While I avoided running-related injuries I spent a lot of time actually sick over the course of the past year. Despite my best precautions and attention to rest and nutrition every cold and flu that came down the pike ended up making me miserable. This has been quite frustrating. I've actually not felt well since having the flu this past October. Wonder what is going on.

The weight I gained over the course of the fall. Somehow, the fact that I was not running as much did little to suppress my runner's appetite. This will have to come off.

Losing my speed during marathon training (most of my training runs were just plods). I know, I know, that is a serious distance. This coming year, I'd like to sharpen up. :-)

Missing races.

Missing Jessica. It recently dawned on me that she must have been suffering on our runs over the summer but she did them none-the-less, a testament to just how devoted she was and how much she wanted to be out moving. She never complained. I see Border Collies running around and get all wistful. There will never be another like her . . .

Hopes for 2010?

There are many but that is the subject for another post. :-)

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Slomohusky said...

Really nice post rpd. I learn a great deal for each and every runner and their blogs as well. Running is so very personal. Each of us have our own challanges doing this very simple thing. After all it is one foot in front of the other, yet each foot forward has each of us learning something new and different for us individually.

I like your goal this past year of 1500 miles. I will shoot for that this year as well.

Again, very sorry for the loss of your running partner. Yet, I think you are developing something there with Terfel.

Have a great New Year! Healthy one as well.