Sunday, January 10, 2010

Foodish Discoveries

Food. It's What's For Dinner!

Four really good discoveries over this weekend.

Last night I went out for dinner with PS, a longtime friend whom I get to see only rarely. He lives up on Capitol Hill, the land of interesting eating possibilities. To be honest, I was feeling like a burger and a beer would hit the spot BUT PS had already had two beers under his belt along with Dim Sum whilst on a date earlier in the afternoon so I suggested Phở. A friend of his had recommended Pho Cyclo. It sounded good and so off we went.

I had Pho Tai Bo Vien (Flank Steak and Meatballs) that was very tasty and not at all heavy. PS had a soup with wontons and shrimp that he reported to be very good. The broths were delicious. Dinner for the two of us—two soups, spring rolls, and a diet pepsi for me—came to $20 (really). Very reasonable and worth a trip. I can't wait to go back. Dilettante Chocolate for dessert (Oh boy!). :-)

This morning we took Terfel to the Ballard Farmer's Market. It was his first experience with all that distraction (food, kids, other people, dogs). He got a lot of attention and had a fair amount of fun.

Tonight we are having an artisanal pizza from 'zaw, a pear and prosciutto pizza on a very thin crust. It is baking right now and, well, I can't wait (a 10-mile run will do that). Savoy Cabbage and Pomegranate salad to accompany (never had Savoy Cabbage either). [Additional: YUM!!!]

New teas too. Sip-t has the most amazing chai, fruit blend, and a mango-lime tea I've had the pleasure to taste. Looking forward to a nice, flavorful, cuppa this evening.

Finally, caveman bars. A small Edmonds-based company that specializes in making food bars with no more than five ingredients. I bought three bars (Peanut & Sea Salt, Coconut Flax, and Cinnamon Pecan) and ate one, the Peanut one, during my break between my two five-mile loops today. Very fresh tasting and not cloyingly sweet as so many of these things can be. Nor was it heavy.

All-in-all, some nice discoveries.