Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Winter's Day Magic

The rumor is that the Puget Sound is rainy and grey all the time. Much of the time this happens to be true but on occasion (especially during the summer) the region lights up in the sun. Those are the times that I just don't want to leave because everything goes from drabness to brilliance in a flash.

Of late we've been blessed by some early winter sun. The less said about the chilly temps (18 degrees F this morning) or the stagnant air (Stage 2 Burn Ban) the better. It sure looks pretty and after all the bluster of the past few weeks feeling the sun on one's face is a wonderful thing. Or is it just numbness from the cold?

I graded all morning and then, instead of going for a run, decided to take Terfel out for a long walk, his first real ramble actually. Aside from the standard things to sniff we saw some interest and odd things

From Winter Day
Someone (or thing) constructed a very large nest in the Union Bay Wildlife Refuge. Anything that big with a penchant for using blackberry bushes to do this is probably not something I want to run into.

From Winter Day
It appears that someone else (or perhaps the same creature) had a bit of icy fun at the UW's Conibear Shellhouse. There is a fair amount of ice going out some distance into the lake from this vantage. It seems quite thick in places. Thick enough to freeze this dock into immobility.

From Winter Day

Close up of the Ice Man.

From Winter Day

I don't think this boat is going anywhere soon. Good thing winter break is upon us.

From Winter Day

Terfel and the Ice Man.

From Winter Day

Terfel decided to take a puppy nap under Harry the Husky before attempting to cross Montlake Bridge for the first time. I could just hear the furrows being cut in his little brain with all these new experiences. He seemed giddy with excitement and that made the walk all the more enjoyable. We arrived home after and hour and forty five minutes of brisk walking and he was still going strong.

The weather is expected to "improve" if you can call warming temps and the potential for rain and/or snow an "improvement". I'll miss the sun, sitting in a window absorbing the heat looking at the blue skies. Actually, some blues skies and sun reflecting off a new blanket of snow would be quite a treat.

What a nice way to end the quarter.


PuddleThumper said...

I like the ice man. WAs it drippy in the sun?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to nap anywhere? :-D

rpd said...

No, the Ice Man was frozen solid. I wish I had been there at sunrise. The light coming through the figure would surely be amazing.

I am pretty good at napping anywhere but I think I can take lessons from Terfel. :-)