Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We are in the deep freeze here in the PacNW. And, no, I don't expect any sympathy from those in colder climbs.

20 rather dark degrees F this morning when I took my rather reluctant dog for a walk.

But is HAS been stunningly sunny, a pleasant change from last December when we were wading through tons of slushy snow in a paralyzed city.

Here is a picture of me (courtesy of PT and her DH) finishing the first race of the 2009 Club Northwest Winter Grand Prix. Yep, I wore gloves and a double shirt the entire time and was generally freezing the entire time.

I am pretty happy about how I did. A little slower than last year but I felt much stronger than last year—there was more left in the tank and I could power up Kite Hill and use the downhill to my advantage. Still have that duck-foot thing going though. Almost caught one of those guys I was chasing last year.

Results are out: 110 out of 148 runners with an overall official time 16:20.1.

Here is the data blow-by-blow:

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