Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wind and Rain

Brutal run this morning.

To begin with, this is what the weather looks like today. See that red blob? That is pretty much where we were.

12 miles with a goal pace of 9:30 over-all.

This was a my first group run for a while (work, puppy, being on the edge of coming down stopped me from doing other runs). Woke up early and took the pup for a walk in the windy dark and then got ready. PT picked me up at 7:00 AM wearing her stylish new British running jacket. Very chilly with intermittent rain showers.

This run started up on top of I-90 as it enters into Seattle, a nice park and bike path. I started off with three other runners with a goal of 9:30 overall for the 12 miles. It was not raining and I began to get hot in my double shirt and hat. Within a quarter mile, however, a squall came in and within seconds we were drenched and cold. As quickly as it came, it passed and we were just cold. Worked hard on the initial climb out towards the Jackson Park Golf Course in Beacon Hill.

This is actually one of my favorite runs. The scenery is quite varied for a city run—a good mixture of urban running and, around the golf course and down to MLK Way. It is not a place I normally run. The track down along MLK towards Tukwilla is interesting, especially with Light Rail in full operation (it is easy to see how cars and trails can clash). So much development mixed in with the older houses, apartments, and shops. Gone is the ugly gash of construction but it still seems a kind of uneasy mix, but one that will eventually become comfortable with the passage of time.

Today this stretch was just tough. Rain and winds coming out of the South, the direction we were running. I caught DB and she pointed out the school at which she teaches. I asked if she told her students that they could see her running by this morning. She said, "No. They wouldn't be up this early." and then made some remark about the school being surrounded by poverty.

Two of the people I started with caught back up with me (they had made a bathroom stop at the Golden Arches) and this is when the rain and wind really got going. My glasses were so steamed and covered in water that I could barely see. The further south we went the higher the winds became until it was like running through water. Very cold too. My legs and arms were red and I thought, well, I'll not really need an ice bath today. 9:30's had not been in the offing for some time. At 9:18 we turned East on South Ryan Way. From behind me I hear "Oh No!" and then I didn't hear any more. This climb has a left hand curve that obscures the remainder of the hill. Only .44 miles but still. Got to the top and started the descent on 51st and that is when I just started feeling like I was done. Lasted until 10.6 or so and then called it quits.

Running has been so hard of late and, for a moment I felt like I had wimped out, but this was just a hard run and I did pretty well considering the conditions.

I earned my left-over Thai noodles and tea this morning.

Tomorrow, I hit the trails at Cougar. Today? Puppy class, warming up, and some grading. Maybe I'll find some time for a hair cut.


PuddleThumper said...

9:30 would've been a very hard run on this course and imo rather unrealistic. it's a lot hillier than you are giving credit for and add in the rain and stiff wind...
glad you had such a strong 10.6 mile run! :-p

rpd said...

As usual, PT, you ground me in common sense. :-)

Slomohusky said...

I remember that area of Beacon Hill well. I used to play that very nice muni golf course there called "Jefferson" :). Again another posting that has me missing Seattle. Thanks?!

Sounds like you need to give yourself some slack. There are some hills thru there.

Enjoy the rain for me. I had 78 and Sun for two Soccer games and 6 mile desert Mt. trail run.