Friday, November 6, 2009


Well, it is definitely Fall here in the Pac-NW. The leaves have changed and are falling, there is a chill bite in the air, the scent of wet everything is in the air, and the weather is getting quite unpredictable.

A BIG storm is coming through, the kind of storm that had veteran weather professors saying "Wow!" with heavy thunderstorms and 30-foot waves out at the coast.

Last night I was woken from a dead sleep by one of the most intense hail storms I've ever seen:

Pretty big and, as you can see, it looked quite a bit like snow coming down.

Here is some video . . .



Slomohusky said...

Wow! Fun Seattle area or Puget Sound Converge Zone Storm or something else? I bet Jeff Renner had fun with that one? How did Terfel do with his first sound of Thunder? Thanks for sharing.

rpd said...

Oh, it is still going strong. Quite a light show over the past hour or so. All the local stations have been preoccupied with the funeral for SPD Officer Brenton and the, apparent, arrest of a "suspect" or "person of interest" in his killing. So, not much on the weather.

Terfel? He seems to be more concerned about a slamming door than a thunderclap. This is a good thing.