Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cough Cough, Sneeze Sneeze, Shiver Shiver

Well, I had a snappy way of starting this entry but it fled as soon as I opened the window. One of those very special writing moments.

Did I have the flu? Not sure. I had something that had me sleeping for three days last week (literally) and which has been giving me the low-grade blahs since (still sniffling, coughing, and, on occasion, sneezing). Bad enough that I had no desire to go outside to enjoy the two days of sun in the middle of the week, I missed two days of class last week and have not run a step since Sunday a week ago.

This would be OK but frustrating for the fact that in a fit of optimism I decided to sign up for . . .

Before I got sick.

Yep, haven't run a step and still feeling iffy. This will be fun.

I'll run it without any illusions for racing it and hope to finish in one piece.

For the record. For those of you out-of-towners thinking of this November in Seattle most emphatically does not look like this picture. It snowed the last time I did this.

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