Friday, September 25, 2009

Nervousness, Rescue Remedy, and New Kicks

Today was one of those golden fall days here in the PacNW. Brilliant sun reflecting off the golden leaves. Not quite warm and not quite cool either, with just enough edge in the air to remind me that winter is on its way. I love this time of year, for the light mostly. It seems so magical. 

Anyway, today started out pretty badly. 

Jessica and I went for a walk and she actually told me enough was enough. She stood there trembling while the cats were eating and I was preparing her breakfast. Maybe she was scared that she wasn't going to get fed? She ate mostly salmon with some potatoes but just shoved the rest of the potatoes around and onto the floor and ate her hot dogs with pills without any difficulty. She seemed to want more food so I gave her a couple of small pieces of cheese pizza, which she ate but slowly (not gobbling). She was not right all through this. Her breathing was labored and the occasional groan would escape. Once finished eating, she lay on the floor looking at me with eyes barely staying open. She was alert though, alert enough to keep me within her field of vision. I gave her some Rescue Remedy and just hung out with her. Was this because of a full stomach? Steroids? The solvent fumes from the concrete work next door? I was doing my best not to appear nervous but, she is a dog (a sensitive one at that) and she could tell. Perhaps I should have taken the Rescue Remedy as well? :-P

I was going to go run this morning but was thinking I should just bag it given how distressed Jessica seemed. Thanks to PT, who reminded me that going running would be a "normal" thing and might even be in some way comforting for Jessica. It certainly would be comforting for ME so  I kitted up and headed out the door. My Garmin quickly told me how nervous I actually was, HR was up to 105, but that soon changed as I walked out to my starting spot. Just an easy-ish (OK moderate) 3.5 mile jaunt around the neighborhood. It felt really good. Really good. My chest was also a little tight and breathing a bit harsh but otherwise everything felt great. 

New kicks today. Inov8 Roclite 295's suggested to me by BM (Sempre a Correr) over at SRC. BM is a Ultra who is sponsored by Inov8 and who knows quite a bit about these shoes. In August I talked with him about finding a new trail shoe that was a lighter and more responsive than the Mizuno Wave Ascends I have been wearing for the past 3 or 4 years. The Ascends were just feeling so heavy and clunky and, frankly, every pair I have had over the past two years has started delaminating—the toe cap starts to go and it is not like I stub my toes (much). They are feeling over-controlling to me too. 

Enter the Roclite 295's

I wore them on this morning's run.

Flexible, light, responsive, and comfortable. Added bonus, my neighbor thinks they look really nice. :-P

In running I noticed that I naturally shifted more forward on my foot rather than a heal strike. Not quite on my toes but certainly forward on my foot such that my fore and mid-foot was coming down just before my heal. My ankles and calves were fine. No tiredness or soreness at all. I look forward to running in the dirt. :-)

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