Monday, September 7, 2009

Hanging Around

Looks ominous doesn't it?

This is what is coming our way for the next couple of days.

M has been battling a cold and so I've been hanging around with R and D or simply doing my own thing. I have decided that sun rooms are very nice things, even on rainy days. I love the light.

Today turned out to be a wonderfully sunny (and warm) afternoon. Yesterday was an inside day as the rains were pretty heavy. I did an embarrassingly short run in the afternoon, 45 minutes after high tide and I simply ran out of beach but spent most of the day inside reading Nike Wagner's book and doing some course prep for an online class with a new text and approach. Today was a rest day for me too as, once again, I woke at O'Dark-Thirty and couldn't get back to sleep. That it was windy and rainy when I did get out of bed sussed it. Besides, I had a massage scheduled at Sacred Stone for 4:45 today and so it seemed a good idea to sit and read, go walk on the beach, and otherwise lay a bit low. The massage was wonderful and much overdue—No PT I did not get the organic lemongrass bamboo scrub. I did get to see what happens with someone realizes that they lost a diamond off their rather expensive necklace (it is not especially pretty).  My left knee is feeling better and better for all the rolling and massaging I have been doing. Walked barefoot on the beach and got to play with some dogs too (always a delight . . . I am missing my own) and then wore shoes as I walked around down town Tofino and watched seaplanes landing.

Dinner at Tacofino, a little taco truck, where I had two chicken tacos and a pork gringas. Delish! I have been craving Mexican or Mexican style food for quite some time and this struck just the right note.

Portland is getting closer and closer—all my travel and lodging arrangements have been made and it is simply down to running prep.

Surf lesson on Wednesday (I hope). Tomorrow I'll run what I run whatever the weather and otherwise enjoy reading and do some more course prep.

This is turning out to be a rather cozy time.

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Slomohusky said...

Is this a Pineapple Express year for the NW? The last year we lived in Seattle was an El Nino year. It was one storm (heavy rain and lots of wind) after another from November to March. Strange living in a place that gets 4 inches of rain a year after growing up with Moss on my back in Seattle.