Monday, August 10, 2009

Update: More On The Free & Iskiate

12/04/09 Pinole and Iskiate Recipes

Compliments of the gorging season folks.

Matt at has a Pinole and Chia Fresca recipe and discussion—

8/23/09 Quick Updates
Adjusting to them well and am moving into slightly longer runs. Ankles and calves are no tired anymore (yoga balancing poses help with develop this area as does balancing with one's eyes closed whilst brushing one's teeth).
One thing of note. The soles of the Frees pick up and hold stones and this changes the way the shoe interacts with your foot and the ground. Sometimes the stones come out on their own, otherwise I've had to stop and dig them out if they become bothersome. A little slippery on wet surfaces too. Wonder what it will be like running in them in the winter here.

8/10/09 Quick Updates
Bought some Nike Free 5's the other week and have been slowly breaking them in (or is it breaking me in?). Coach's advice is to ease into them over a period of weeks with the mileage no more than 10% of total. Sound advice (he is working in a pair too). I spoke with another runner, a real cheetah blessed with a very light and neutral stride, who has been working them in over a period of a few months. He has recently run a couple of 10-mile runs and is enjoying them.
Me? I've taken them on a couple of short runs and am finding them incredibly comfortable. Their lightness is welcome after a whole day on my feet in my work shoes. I have also noticed that my weight is distributed a bit differently given the move to the mid-foot and/or forefoot strike AND than the shock is now more evenly distributed all up and down my legs rather than being isolated in the lower leg and knee as before. My hamstrings have also loosened up considerably, a welcome development. Knees have been eased as well.
So easy to make and delicious too. I don't mind the seeds anymore and am finding that I prefer the simplicity of the drink. I've been using it as my after run drink. It is refreshing and gives an extra boost until I can get to a meal. The Tarahumara really are on to something.
Speaking of which, you can order your Tarahumara Sandals here.

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