Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seattle RnR Finish Video


This is pretty cool. Finisher videos based upon your time and number. Some are clearer than others but, still, the ability to watch your friends and, let's be honest, yourself finish the race is neat.


Stephen Spencer said...

Sadly, the camera operator was panning past the finish line and above the runners' heads when I crossed the line. I did see the top of my head, but that was all. At the very end of the video, the camera moved back into the 'pointing at the finish line' view.

This lapse was noted in my RnR feedback.

rpd said...

I did see that actually. Almost as if they were adjusting the camera or had, in some way, let it wander away from them.

Some of the finishes were really too crowded to actually spot the person you wanted.

Still a neat thing. I've actually never seen myself finishing a race before. :-)