Friday, July 31, 2009

Running Free

PT (coming in the door of the Seattle Nike Town): "I could spot you in those all the way from the market!"

Me (looking dubiously at my feet encased in size 13 orange tubes): "Uh Huh? These look really strange don't they" (Or something like that.)

I had just tried them out by running around the circular perimeter of the store and they felt pretty good, a little lacking in padding for the forefoot but otherwise OK.

"Should I buy this pair in this color?" revolved around in my head as I watched PT try on shoes too. Some quick online research showed a paucity of available colors in my size. ShoeGuy said that these were quite popular and they were having trouble keeping them in stock. Representative of Mega-Running Shoe Sales Company informed me that the only place to buy them in WA State was at a Nike Town. Online Nike doesn't have my size. Online much smaller and less icky Running Shoe Sales Company does not have them either. What? I can bring these back within 30 days with a receipt? Cool. Oh, wait, it says here that they have to be unused and in the box. Umm "How am I supposed to know if these work for me IF I don't go for a run? This means that they will be used won't it?" ShoeGal says "You should be able to run. Bring them back if the technology doesn't work for you."

I bought 'em.

We'll see.

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GVB said...

Those are ugly. But in the coolest possible way. But Nike? Come on...