Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Hot!

Seattle is possibly going up to 103F today, at least this is the forecast according to the UW's Cliff Mass. Pretty amazing.

We are not geared for this kind of heat.
  • the NW Branch of the Seattle Public Library closed at 5:00 yesterday because its cooling system was overwhelmed
  • department offices at the UW will be closing early because the buildings are too hot and there are few possibilities for cross breezes in these old stone edifices
  • I have it on good authority that the financial services branch of Dunder and Mifflin will be allowing its employees to wear shorts because of the heat (they cannot, however, close when the city is paralyzed due to snow and ice)
  • speaking of shorts, the shorts and skirts here at the UW are getting shorter
  • people look at you strangely when you insist that your coffee NOT be iced
  • the sunsets are spectacular, of course that is because of all the particulate matter in the air that makes things otherwise a bit unhealthy (just ask my irritated lungs and red-rimmed eyes)
  • we have now moved into the basement in order to sleep
  • watermelon consumption has increased (how about some for breakfast?)
  • people are leaving their doors and windows open all night, good thing it is too hot for crims to operate but I wonder how many people in my neighborhood have awoken to find raccoons rummaging through their kitchens
  • dogs and cats are generally not the smartest apples in the barrel, at least two of mine are not. Morag the Hair Monster goes into the basement by herself. Can't say the same for the other two who, and this is sweet, want to be around people even, I suspect, it means extreme discomfort
  • I really wonder how many students will show up for my classes today
In other news.

I ran a very hot run last night. 6.79 miles point-to-point from I90 Exit 20 (High Point) through Grand Ridge up to the Issaquah Plateau. The trail is popular with MTB'ers but I only saw three the whole time (it is too hot). Run starts with a mile descent and then climbs and climbs until there are a series of stair-step gallops. The trail gets very quiet once you start climbing and it is easy to forget that you are surrounded by housing developments. The descent is fast and fun but the best part is that you run through Cedar groves that smell wonderful.

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PuddleThumper said...

Maybe the raccoons are too hot to rummage?

:-D I planned ahead and stuck a cup of hot coffee in the fridge so I can iced coffee in a bit. It's a treat!