Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey Fellas, Wait For Me Will Ya!

Here it is folks, my obligatory Blue Angels photo.

Yep, they're here again and with their arrival comes the obligatory yearly debate—"Has Seattle moved past this relic of militarism?" v. "This is part of our heritage and a fun part of summer?" v. "How much does this cost again?" v. "Do they really have to shut down the I-90 Bridge for practices and performances thus inconveniencing everyone?" v. "Think of all the pets they scare and the headaches they induce?" v. "You do realize that they are flying over populated areas?" v. "Lighten up people, they are only here for four days!" v. "I was stuck in traffic for three hours yesterday trying to get from West Seattle to X!" v. "They make a lot of noise and disrupt classes as they circle over the UW Campus!" v. "Don't you know that those things are for killing?"

Personally, I find them rather thrilling. But then, I love airplanes, especially interesting and exciting ones and these certainly are. Though I would rather have them sans all the militarism that accompanies.

So here they are practicing this afternoon, blasting out over Pike Place and Elliot Bay.

(And yes, all of those objections are true, especially the one about disrupting classes at the U. I have to stop lecturing and listen or watch as I can. :-P )

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