Thursday, June 25, 2009

Robin Rennt . . .

This morning PT and I went down to the Expo Center to pick up our race packets. There is nothing like picking up your race number to drive home the point that we are now two days out. I am getting very excited.

We have a new kind of timing chip, at least it is new to me, a single use ChronoTrack tag. It looks much like one of those hospital wrist bands, except it HAS to be worn in a "D" attached to the shoe laces. Arghh! The last time I tried that it came off. I'll just make very sure that it is securely attached (as required) and hope for the best. Rain and sweat should not affect it.

My race bib is huge, probably to contain all five digits of my race number. :-P So is the Sugoi technical shirt (but I just tried it on and it is alright albeit very, very thin).

Tried a few things at the expo but otherwise didn't buy anything. Inquired about "NipGuards" and took a close look at them. They are so thick that I am afraid that I would look a bit like Nurse Diesel were I to wear them. I think I'll try an Ultra-Runner trick, clear medical tape over Body Glide. There seemed to be an abundance of clothing and accessories for women and not so much for men. This stands to reason given that something like 70% of the participants in this race are women. Why? The Competitor Group's Sharon Buffington is quoted in the Seattle Times as saying "Women are planners . . . Guys wait till the last minute and they get shut out." [ST] This race sold out in April.

It was interesting going downtown by bus and walking around. I am glad that I went early as I imagine that the number of people coming to pick up their packets is going to steadily increase over the next couple of days. Already you can see out-of-towners dragging rollaboards and carrying other luggage heading down town. We had a nice conversation with a fellow who had already run 16 or so marathons but none since 2002. He had been training with Chuckit out at Green Lake and was very happy with his preparation. Quite a talkative and happy fellow. In fact, the bus driver misconstrued something he said about being "faster" to mean a critique of her driving (she was obviously NOT in the best of moods). I saw a few folks from my neighborhood out on the streets and in the Expo and PT saw a lord high mucky muck from her work. Wonder if he is going to be running?

Yummy Pho for lunch. Followed by Cow Chips. :-)

How am I feeling besides being excited?

Pretty good. I've been trying to sleep, eat, and hydrate as much as I can to build up my race-day energy. I did make a change to my running schedule for the week because my Tuesday run, 8.44 miles on concrete, did not feel good. The Brooks really don't do it for me and they'll be going back after two or three runs. Took the past two days off and will have one final short and easy run tomorrow morning just to get my legs going. Lots of self-massage, stretching, rolling, and yoga.

Tapering is the worst part of all this. Over the past few months I've become addicted to the miles and, as challenging (and tiring) as it has been, the reduction has been even worse. My legs are stiff, feel as if they are moving through treacle, and there is a random soreness that moves from place to place. All of this goes away when I run, which makes it hard to listen to "That Little Voice Inside Your Twinge". One more day and then it is go time.

I'll watch one of my favorite films to get me amped up, Lola Rennt (1998).

Looking forward to the weather too. It is supposed to be spectacular. :-)

Spaghetti tonight!

Oh, and, bought tickets for the Sounders-Chelsea game next month. All kinds of exciting!

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