Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Last Week . . .

Yesterday, while driving with PuddleThumper and Sj out to the group run at Wallace Falls, it hit me that The Marathon is only a week away. It felt odd to think this.

This past week I started tapering, roughly 25 miles, and this will continue up to the race:
  • Sunday 4 or 5 easy
  • Monday off
  • Tuesday Trail Run (not sure how long or how intense this will be, Exit 47 off of I-90 is a Long Way Out There, Talapus Lake)
  • Wednesday off
  • Thursday 3-4 Marathon Pace or maybe easy
  • Friday 3-4 easy
  • Saturday 26.2
Not running every day is driving me nuts!!

So is restraining myself. I so want to just cut loose and go.

Is this an indication that I am ready? Hope so. But, honestly, I've been feeling a bit under trained and a little less sharp than I did going into Portland in 2006. Less sharp in terms of speed. My goal marathon pace when I started was 9:30 but looking over my records I see that my average weekly pace was really in the 10's, what my body was just naturally wanting to do. This is the difference between doing things on your own or having the benefit of coaching I suppose. Never-the-less, it was important for me to be able to train on my own, to put together and run my own long runs, and to make my own mistakes. Next time I'll be much better about speed work (just found a nice track at the middle school about .5 miles from my house).

I am not nervous either. I was a bit last week but now I am feeling really calm, much calmer than I was in 2006 at about this time. This might change over the course of this coming week but it might not. We'll just have to see. (Of course this could also be the effect of a lazy Sunday morning spent listening to Gondwanaland.)

Meanwhile, there is so much to do to get ready for the Summer Term and the UW. And, of course, figuring out how to get down to the start in Tukwilla on time for a 7:00 AM start, finding start corral 18.

I'll be wearing 18187 and trying to beat my 2006 time of 04:20:xx.

Some decisions too. Should I wear my running pack with water bladder or rely on the aid stations? All of my long runs have been done in the pack and I've gotten used to the weight and also the convenience of drinking when needed and for carrying my gels. But I also have shorts with plenty of pockets for gels that I can use too. Still open on the pack question. It is not like I'll be out back-a-beyond now is it. Plenty of people and course support to go along. Still, I am used to being self-sufficient. But do I really want to carry the weight?


Max said...

Wear your running pack! I anticipate a fair amount of logistical insanity in this first-ever RnR in Seattle. Badly organized marathons are known to run out of water along the course. This marathon will have 27 THOUSAND runners. I say be self-reliant, and be safe. ESPECIALLY if it's a hot day! I live along the course, about 3 miles from the finish line -- maybe I'll set up a table on the sidewalk in front of my apartment...

rpd said...


This, I am thinking, is good advice. PT also gave similar advice. I drink a lot even if it is not a hot day.

So, does this mean I have someone to visit at mile 23? (Or would this be 23.2?)