Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shoulda Stayed In Bed Saturday

Or, why I should not be allowed to ride a bike after a long run AND "NUTS!!!"

Wanted to ride today to keep my legs limber but I wish I had just not gone riding. 

Rode the BG out to Golden Gardens and then up to 80th and then GL to home. I felt quite strong on the bike and am very happy about that. I just didn't like how crowded things were and also how chaotic. Lots of runners and bikers out and everyone was going every which way possible. Got off the trail in Ballard and was riding the road just West of the Ballard Bridge. Stopped at a stop sign and looked, proceeded, and was immediately surrounded by honking cars. They were going so fast. I just kept going, they cleared, and I went to the side of road with a racing heart. Getting out to GG was pretty easy after than although I was shaken up a bit and really concerned that I had just given bicyclists a bad name (not to mention also becoming a statistic). Rode to the end of the trail and just went up the hill. THAT went pretty well as I climbed easily and smoothly. The road was surprisingly not steep. Got back on 80th heading east and was just chugging along. The stop light at 15th (I think) had a walk button which I pushed. As I was getting myself back into the road a delivery truck can roaring up behind me and  I over-balanced as I turned to see if he was going to stop, could not get my right foot out of the cleat and just toppled over. As I went down I heard someone scream. I said something nasty, got up, checked my bike, got on it, and went across the road. I think everything is alright but it did feel a little strange. Not sure if that is the shock of the crash on me or if I damaged the bike. We'll see. The rest of the ride went well and was smooth but I was just glad to be done.

As if that wasn't bad, I have a potential serious injury problem. 

Woke up this morning too with an inflamed red patch on my right ankle. I've inflamed a tendon, not the achilles I think but the Flexor Hallicus Longus. It does not hurt but it looks swollen and red and is hot so. Icing helps as does Advil. I've also broken out a new pair of trail shoes as they will be nice, stiff, and supportive. So, no trail run for me even though I think I can do it. Something was wrong with the way that I was wearing my shoes yesterday I think. That, and yoga. Ah well. At least I can sleep in again and will try a short run if it feels better. Maybe not until Tuesday though. We'll see . . .

I am not a happy camper today and hope this does not get in the way my enjoyment of the ballet this evening. 

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