Sunday, May 17, 2009



Getting sick and tired of how slow and unresponsive Motionbased has been over the past few weeks? 

I sure am and so, it seems, are many more users. And, as slick as connect dot garmin dot com actually is the fact that I cannot upload my own stuff from my own watch is frustrating. Add to that the fact that my last encounter with Mb tech support resulted in a polite message saying it was pretty much my fault (no, it isn't and it hasn't been) has me looking for something that does what Mb used to do really well only better and without the frustration. 

Someone on one of the Mb forums suggested RunSaturday as an alternative, a comment that PuddleThumper passed along. I've been mucking about with it over the past day or so and so far am impressed with what I am seeing. 

The positives: 

  • Speed—the site uploads from my Garmin 305 really fast, much faster than Mb currently does without all the hanging, time outs, and errors
  • Social Networking—this combines your data with a social networking profile, allowing for what seems to be an easy way to exchange information. I could see how people could ask for advice on a particular course or make suggestions of their own
  • Data Analysis—Interesting scatter plots etc..

The "I am not so sure about" category (stuff I haven't figured out quite yet):

  • Time—Not sure but all activities get ported in using a time zone other than my own even if Lat-Lon comes in right. Is this GMT? Manually correcting this is kind of a pain and I haven't figured out if there is a setting
  • Total Time v. Moving Time—I have to compare what data is pulled in
  • Importing records from a database (i.e., how could I bring in my records from Mb)
  • Automatic weather—nuff said
  • Changing units of measure—We are kinda stubborn here in the US of A and haven't caught up with the rest of the world (some of us like to measure in cubits still apparently). How to change. 
Still this is an intriguing site and I look forward to discovering its capabilities. 

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Slodge said...

Thanks for finding us rocksNroots.

Runsat is a bit of an experiment and we're still learning, growing and changing lots - it's just me working on it, so please bear with me as the site grows :)

One casualty already I'm afraid is the "settings" side of the site - I admit it is "a bit of a mess" at the moment - but I will work on this soon - just as soon as the day job and the training allow :)

However, the good news is that I think almost everything you've asked about can be done:

- For timezone and distance units, check out "About You > Training"

- On total time vs moving time, we should be pulling in both values and handling them appropriately - please let me know if you spot any errors - lots of us on runsat are on the geeky side, and we really care about getting the details right!

- On weather, we do try to pull in weather - currently from the wunderground service - but our integration with it needs some work... sadly, it's proven troublesome so far - partly because the quality of data coming into wunderground is intermittent and variable.

- On bulk upload, we do let you upload zipped up TCX files - but I'm not sure if you can download those from MB... if you've got any feed or other suggestions then please let me know - I like playing with new things :)

Really glad you like the site - there are still quite new things in the pipeline - so quite a few more toys for everyone yet!

If you need any more info, please find me on the site at my profile or ask on the forum there.

Thanks again for the nice write up!