Saturday, May 30, 2009

PNB Director's Choice

PNB's Directors Choice 

May 28–June 7, 2009 

Dances at a Gathering 
(Frederic Chopin/Jerome Robbins) 

After the Rain pas de deux 
(Arvo Pärt/Christopher Wheeldon) 

Symphony in C 
(Georges Bizet/George Balanchine)

Let me start by saying that I really don't much care for unaccompanied piano music. Such things can be very pretty and/or energetic but I'll still drift off into the land of nod no matter what is happening on the stage. Brahms is the worst for me and I can feel the air close in around me. Given this propensity I  was really worried about the Jerome Robbins piece because it was 1.x hours of unaccompanied Chopin piano music. I needn't have been. Robbins created a series of varied short pieces to go with the music. I’ll admit to dozing a bit during the beginning but I got caught up in the movement and can understand why Balanchine would say to Robbins "Make more!" when he saw some initial works. 

The Wheeldon piece is short, too short M said later, but it had the audience completely hushed. Someone yelled “Yeah!” when it ended, a sentiment that was shared by most of the audience (this had the most enthusiastic applause of the evening I think). Hard to describe but exquisitely beautiful. Perhaps the altered reality of two lovers? I am not sure but it was amazing to watch. I was captivated. By far my favorite piece of the evening. 

The Balanchine was spectacular witty and also very physical. It looks classical but really isn’t. Visually, the opening was stunning after the hushed tones and lighting of the pas de deux (I loved the colors). The ending, wow! Let's just say that I found myself looking at everyone on stage and wondering when they discovered they wanted to dance AND how they felt to be living that dream. You’ll be amazed I think. But I won't say much more until you've seen it yourself! :-P

Go! Dance!

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