Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting Lost In Seattle

21.5 hot, long, hilly miles today and I am very, very happy. Managed to get lost, back track, discover a G.A.R Cemetery and a park I've not been through before. Pretty cool and I am flush with victory.   (OK, Mb gives me 22 but RunSaturday says 21.5

I left later than I wanted. Something woke the Four-Footed-Fiends (FFF's) at 4:00 this morning and my sleep was a bit disturbed. DW went and took care of it. Let's just say that it involved squirting outside cats who were driving one of our fiends nuts. 

Woke up and took J for her walk and then got myself ready. Decided on 
something like route that I sketched out the other day. Ate a sandwich and then headed out the door around 8:20. 

Took a slightly different route out to 80th this time. Up 35th and then up 75th and sort of diagonally across the Dahl Playfields and up to 80th. The run out to GG on 80th was a lot less difficult than it was last week (I may have been going slower). It took a bit for my legs to warm up and I surely was feeling yoga last night. Hips, hamstrings, adductors, etc., were all feeling good but my lower legs were tight. Right ankle and left Achilles. Stretched out the left calf and that went away but the right ankle business lasted throughout the run.

The pavement felt pretty hard today and that made the descent into Golden Gardens interesting. I now conclusively know that now matter how quaint cobblestones are they are a bear to run on. Going down into the tunnel was a little dicey. 

There were only a few people down in the park. Mostly mom's with small children. I am sure that the park is now packed given the weather. The water was so calm and clear. Only a few few sailboats and kayaks out,  much less than I would have expected actually. 

I ran along the road today and noticed that the finished BG extension is on the other side of the road. Only felt the 8-mile woozies momentarily which suggested to me that either I am over that or the changes in my fueling are actually good. The miles from Golden Gardens to the Locks went pretty fast mentally and I made it over and through just before they started ringing the bell to let boats out. Quite a few tourists out taking pictures of the lock activties and also the Salmon coming through the dam. I think I ended up in a video or two (that is going to scare some folks).

Out of the Locks I headed east on Commadore, right through an industrial area. Ran past a least 3 printing presses that I have heard of but had no clue of their location. Seeing all the waterfront activity was pretty cool too and kept me quite entertained. This part of the run exposed to the sun, it was getting quite hot, and became the start of the mentally tough section of this run. Running Nickerson was easy though at least until I got to the Freemont Bridge where traffic was backed up, the bridge was going up. I waited a bit and then crossed to Westlake when I could. Not sure what it is about Lake Union but this section kind of takes it out of me no matter the direction. Today was no exception. I HAD to stop at a store to buy some Gatorade as it felt like my water bladder was getting emptied. It was a surprise to see that it was not anywhere close—I had thought that I had consumed more than I had. Heading down and around Lake Union also went pretty fast mentally although I did stop to try and see how I would get up to Interlaken from Fairview. iPhones are handy that way but you really need to have presence of mind to read maps correctly. :-P

I-5 Colonnade Park is pretty interesting, too bad I didn't have time to explore (maybe on a different run). There is some public art and other attractions in addition to the MTB trail. Lots of stairs to climb (I walked) and then left onto Lakeview and past some really neat homes. Ended up on 10th and Miller having overshot my mark (Lynn) to make a turn to get me out to Interlaken. You can see on the map how confusing it actually is up there. Stopped at a cleaners to ask for directions but the owner hadn't even heard of the street. :-/ Checked the map on the phone and headed east-ish and then south-ish. Got pretty steep in there. More really expensive houses. Asked a UPS driver about Interlaken and he just suggested hitting Boston but didn't really know either. So on I went and hit 15th and Howe just at the northern edge of the cemetary. Took out my phone to map it, read things wrongly, and headed west. Next thing I knew, I was almost down at 10th again. Doh! I did discover the G.A.R. Cemetery though, didn't know we had one. Turned around. Got back to 15th and Howe, looked at the map again, and then got it right. 15th to Galer and then to Internlaken. All flat and downhill. 

Did you know that Seattle Prep's campus looks just like a small college campus and not a prep school at all? Got to be some money there. 

By this time it was getting towards lunch time and all the little neighborhood bistros were pumping out good food smells.  Passed this one place on Galer that was frying chicken. Oh Boy!

Hit Interlaken and I knew that I was home free, except for a brief moment of confusion about which turn I ought make. Some guy came zipping up from the opposite direction. I wish I could run that fast. But I can run long. :-)

I've only run Interlaken during the Seattle Half and it sure looks different in the sun and all leafed out from the opposite direction. There are trails all over the place in Boyer Park. This might be an interesting place to explore. 

The rest of the run once I got to 23rd was fairly easy. Just hot. I was debated going a bit longer but realized that I had been going so long and probably I should stop so I just went home. DW called me to check in at 19.92 and I answered thus missing the wall completely. :-P Nice distraction. No wooziness, no fading, no nothing. Just a watch clicking over to 20 miles and another gel. Pretty cool, huh? 

There was one surreal moment out near the UW Urban Hort building. There is a kind of tree here, an Oak or a Walnut but I am not sure, that expels its seeds in puff-balls. These puff-balls fly so thickly through the air and look for all the world like snow on the ground. Some of these trees were letting go and as I excited the Union Bay Refuge. It even got quiet like when it snows. Amazing!

Ending this run on an uphill might be good for building my character but I sure hope the Seattle RnR is easier. I tried moving a bit faster during my last quarter mile (it was 21.25 or so to the corner of 55th and 35th) and did notice some power remaining. I finished and went home. 

Learned some stuff about fueling and eight-mile woozies too .

Tried Accel Gel's today which have protein and caffeine in addition to carbs. I like the taste, they are more liquid than gels seem to be, and I could feel the caffeine hit pretty rapidly. 4 gels at 5, 10, 15, and 20. Also had a fuel water bladder in my pack with sports drink (added a bottle of Gatorade at about the 13-mark) and a "Bonk Buster Bar" (PB&J) which I did not like. I should take something solid at the half mark though if today's run is any indication of what is likely to happen to me during the marathon. 

Upper legs, hips, and knees felt quite good. Not problems with adductors and hamstrings. Lower legs and feet took quite a beating. Right Flexor Hallicus Longus (I think) is sore but is responding to stretching.  This may be yoga-related. 

Felt like I could go a little longer once I got past 20 and could have had I chosen a flatter course. Glad to have hit 21.5.

Scared the dog when I got home. Looked in the mirror and scared myself too. No wonder people were looking a bit askance at me. I looked like a little bit of baked hell. Shower and ice bath took care of that.  

Hard to eat afterwards though. You'd think . . . 

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