Sunday, May 24, 2009

8-Mile Woozies

Lots of LSD ("Long Slow Distance" for the uninitiated) over the past few weeks.

This past week (5/18-5/24) I ran 55.64 miles in six runs including back-to-back long runs of 15 and 17 at the weekend. The week before (5/11-5/17) was a cut back week of 33 miles in four runs with a long run of 20 miles on the SVT at the weekend. The two weeks before were 47 and 46 miles respectively. 

An interesting thing is turning up. Around 8 miles or 1:30, whichever comes first, I start feeling really woozy and wobbly. I've also noticed that both my hands, the finger tips really, get quite numb. At first I thought the woozies were simply a fueling issue and started gelling a little earlier than I normally do (at 5, 10, 15, and 20 instead of around 7, 13, and so on). But that did not stop the problem. I eat well the day before and started the run well-fueled. That also did not help during the long runs (it is a little less noticeable on the short duration runs). 

What could this be? Some theories:
  1. I may be eating a lot (not losing or gaining weight at this point) but maybe not the eating the right things?
  2. The gels I take, Gu's, may not have what I need during the run. They are just carbs and it could be that I need some protein
  3. Blood Iron deficiency? (Won't know until I get tested in a bit)
  4. Body shifting from immediate fuel stores (gels, etc.) to stored fuels. I remember reading something in Peak Performance about this happening (and being a good thing too). Time to look at my archives
  5. This is all in my head
In any event. This has me scratching my head. Could this all be in my head? It made my long runs this weekend a bit interesting. 

34 Days until Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon. 

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