Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Stuff

It has been a while since I've felt like posting anything. So much as been going on. Here are some random things:
  • Spring has finally sprung here in Seattle and that means an increased population of middle and upper-middle class teenagers driving around in expensive cars and SUV's with the windows down trying to act cool whilst listening to the latest hip-hop
  • The cherry blossoms all came out, hung out, and are now underfoot. They looked/look and smell wonderful
  • It is just possible to go trail running without getting covered in mud or frozen to death. Blood, however, is still on the table
  • The countdown towards the Summer Break has begun in earnest. Just seven more weeks. I'll be teaching at the Mega Learning Factory just down the road but at least I'll be able to focus only on teaching and won't have to drive my car
  • Raisin Bran and Dogs do not mix well. I thought I had a funny dog story (if you can count having to get up in the middle of the night to deal with the consequences of bran as funny) until I spoke with an acquaintance who informed me that raisins were toxic and that I ought have my pooch checked out. Online research at the ASPCA Poison Control Center (did you know they had one?) showed that "Although the toxic substance within grapes and raisins is unknown, these fruits can cause kidney failure. In pets who already have certain health problems, signs may be more dramatic." Yikes! So guess who ended up at the emergency vet? Of course, it was one of the cats who got the box down, opened it up, and tore the bag. Hmm . . . 
  • Dean Karnazes or whoever works for him really does not know how to make an interesting film. Watching 50 marathons in 50 days with 50 days of hero worship and testimonials along with advice about how to role a pizza like a burrito is a bit much and tires easily.  The Runner, the chronicle of David Horton's 2005 record attempt on the Pacific Crest Trail, was really amazing. Well-done with drama, humor, and inspiration. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?
  • I am really happy that Kara Goucher decided against running London so soon after Boston. Tough break in Boston but third is good and there will be more. Hell, at the pace that I run I'll be 70 before I qualify (hmm, wonder how else I could get there)
  • Speaking of which, I ran 47.87 miles this past week. Good thing I've been sleeping (Oh wait, I have to let the dog out . . .). Seriously, I am getting used to distance and though tiring I am not as out-to-lunch as I have been and my legs seem to be doing well
  • Trikonasana does wonders for hamstrings. Actually, I am beginning to think that it is the solution to a great many things
  • I am really tired of the media's hyping of the Swine Flu epidemic. I know that it is potentially serious and that measures need to be taken BUT scaring people is probably not the best way to get folks informed. So here is the CDC Health Advisory and WHO's Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response phases. I remember getting a vaccine when I was in Middle School during the last outbreak. 
  • The WA State Legislature has just passed a killer budget. Being a student in the State of WA is going to suck, that is if you can get into to school. Being a state employee is going to suck even harder. Good luck catching up with the cost of living after this. Details on budget's impact on TLF coming soon . . .
  • The happiest thing(s) I saw today? I can't make up my mind so, in no particular order, Puddlethumper zipping over the trails in her Seattle Sounders jersey (Seattle actually might have a winning team this season), my dog rolling in the grass, my DW laughing at my good mood and jokes, the two kids running around in their front yard (having so much fun they were trying to hold the pee in rather than stop), Morag the devil kitty as she got a piece of chicken (just a little), me when I finished grading, the little kid buying just the right cookie ("No Mommy, THIS one!"), and . . . OH, yes, the SUN!
  • The saddest thing I saw today? The squirrel that lost its life trying to run across I-405 in Bellevue
  • I am pretty impressed with the seriousness most of my online students have approached a 2-week research project. Keep it up guys. I might just start believing again, especially if you keep finding out why Wikipedia might just not be the best way to conduct academic research
  • Reed's Premium Ginger Brew is mighty tasty
  • Michael Dobbs's One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War is riveting and well-worth the read
  • Asics 55 shorts are very comfortable
  • Sometimes small black poodles make fun trail dogs as evidenced by the crazy little guy I played with at Red Town this morning. It is all in the attitude isn't it?
  • Speaking of attitude, I would like to meet Baron the Racing Dachshund
  • I think that some runners ought be a little more adventurous, like the group of long-time East-siders (at least that is what they said) who asked me if going up Cougar Mountain was "worth it"
  • I went on a 24-mile bike ride on Friday as a cross training activity. It was fun but I was disturbed by some of the behavior of the speedy roadies I saw. One get passed a walker within a hairs breadth having just passed me with now warning at the same distance. Guess who got yelled at by the walker? 
  • I get to teach tomorrow. :-)
  • I am officially sick of Mafia Wars and don't really care that I am just a foot soldier at this point. Time to retire. :-P At least nobody is throwing snow balls at me anymore or sending me drinks I can only imagine (what is the point of that)
  • I officially do not mind the new Facebook interface and don't find it at all confusing
  • Wonders why twitter and facebook make me speak in the third person, sort of like The Jimmy, and what impact that has upon writing
  • Is it possible to off-load housework onto machines? I would really like a roomba so that I don't have to vacuum again, ever
OK, that is enough for now. 

Beyond the Epic Run

Now this looks interesting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is a test.