Saturday, March 28, 2009

SB Day 2: Seeing Things I Haven't Seen In A While

What a day!

I slept in this morning, at least I think I did and headed out the door for my first run since 3/15—having the flu sucks and I simply have not been able to run since then. I wasn't sure of what I would do or how long I would go so I looked a a map and noticed that Stevens Park was a little to the North-East of my hotel and thought that running up there would be great. In nine years of living here I had never been here so. Off I went along the sidewalks on State Street and then up towards the mountains on San Roque Road—there were no sidewalks. Just over a mile in I noticed a side trail going down from the road and thought, why not, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was running down into the park on some pretty nice trails. I was all alone but could hear people hiking along so I knew I had stumbled onto the right track. 

It felt so very good to be out running, feeling the unevenness of the trail, dodging rocks and a few roots. I noticed a really interesting clicking noise coming from some kind of crickety things up in the trees. The trail went from being a widish fire road to single track that was pretty hilly, some of it as steep as those trails we run out on Tiger. Couple of stream crossings too. 

I decided to run out three miles and then turn around after asking for directions from someone on the trail. She told me that this track, especially when it hits the Jesusitas trail takes you up to Inspiration Point. 

Nice, slow, and Just great!

Decided to go out to locate a trail map and thought th

After running I came back to the run and then decided to see if I couldn't get a trail map. Headed off to the Santa Barbara Running Company where they did not have anything but sent me over to Hazard's Cycles next door for a mountain bike map. The guy there made some suggestions for trails and I then bought a couple of gels from the running store. Tomorrow is the UCSB Tri so running up near campus is probably out. Drove up the long way along the Mesa and through Hope Ranch and thought about lunch, I was pretty hungry even though I had some snacks after my run and ended up eating a burger and slaw at Woody's (eh! but I was getting desperately hungry).

Got back to my room about 1:30 and ate some fresh strawberries and hung out by the pool for a bit (got cruised by a French woman, it was interesting) until Mitch got in.

He and I headed out to do things he wouldn't necessarily do as a tourist here. We took a walking tour of the UCSB campus and Isla Vista. So much change on campus, new buildings, etc.. I showed him the place I wrote my dissertation and M's office window (see the slideshow below).

Then we went for a walk/hike out at the Monarch Reserve where I showed him some of the trails we used to ride on and had a wonderful walk. No Monarchs though, they must have just left from the year.

Dinner at La Super-Rica and coffee and then Mitch left to drive home. It was great to catch up and to show him the places important to me. 

Tomorrow I'll run again, not sure where. I'd like some more trails but can't go up to UCSB because of the tri BUT I am sure I can think of something. Moore Mesa maybe. OR, maybe I'll do a road run down to Cabrillo Blvd and the SB Waterfront. Then, lunch with I and then I don't know. Beach time maybe.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from my day. 

I cannot believe it is Saturday!

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