Monday, March 2, 2009


Some days you just need a donut.

  • Today I had an international student tell me she was leaving TLF because of problems assimilating. We are going to talk tomorrow but I really hate to lose her as she is among the sharpest in my class
  • We've now reached the time when the neighborhood teenagers are experimenting with alcohol. How do I know this? They've been leaving their empties all over the neighborhood. PBR (blech) and some alcolpop called Johnny Bootlegger "Sing Sing Sour Grape". Honestly, I am embarrassed to have either of these in my recycle bin. Come on kids!
  • It was 58 degrees today with the sun peaking out through the clouds. In other words, really pretty. And today was my rest day. Err!
  • I ate breakfast at 8:30, ate my lunch at 11:00, and a snack at 1:30. Still wasn't enough and the low fuel alarms went off while I was walking the dog 
  • One of the office staff fell down the stairs and broke her leg (badly apparently). That makes two people in the division office
  • The results of the Department Chair elections came out and I am happy to see that "won". Mostly because the single voter in my department turned out before breakfast to vote for me. Remind me to kick myself the next time I have silly admin stuff to do
  • My students are stressed, so am I. Actually so is everyone I know. I guess I should tell my students about the free massages they could get during finals week
  • I've been getting all these strange emails about an impeachment proceeding to be held at this weekend's Northwest Regional PTK conference. WTF?
  • The thought of reading discussion board posts and blog entries is making me nauseous
Is that enough reason?

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