Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Grand Prix

Signed up for the New Balance/Super Jock 'N Jill Winter Grand Prix Series this evening. 

Six short, speedy races, the first is a Cross Country Race this coming Saturday, my first such race. 

How do XC races work? Not sure.

Although most cross-country competitors also run distance events in track and field, the two are separate sports. The cross-country season is still the fall and events are run through open country, often over rather rude trails, not on roads or tracks (although major races often begin and end on a track inside a stadium). []

Hmm. "Rude trails" eh? I quite like the sound of that. 

No way in H am I even competitive over 3000 meters but this just might be the speed work I am after. 

Oh yes, got a spiffy new t-shirt too. Can never have enough of those. 


Max said...

Hey Robin:

Congrats on having the courage to try the x-country stuff. Sounds like fun!

If you're interested in speed work, we should talk. The running club I work out with incorporates weekly track/speed work into the overall training plans. While it's not exactly made ME any faster (I don't think anything can make me faster), I have seen several people improve their speed dramatically with this approach.

rpd said...

Hey Max! Long time. Hope you are well.

Thanks for the tip. Still not quite sure what I want to do.

Track workouts or tempo runs with fartleks?

Max said...

All of the above! We meet at the track, but depending on where each of us is in the overall training cycle (i.e. how far away the next race is), then we do: 200s, 400s, 800's, mile repeats, tempo runs, fartleks, "strides", or hills. It's a nice variety.