Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shovel Party on 34th

Even though the Puget Sound is an all-year outside kind of place (don't be fooled by that "Rains all the Time" rhetoric out there) in my neighborhood we tend not to see very much of each other during the winter months, an observation made one early spring day several years ago to me by one of my neighborhood "old-timers". 

Today was different. Quite a bit of snow fell last night and this morning it was topped by an eighth or quarter-inch of rather crunchy ice with more coming in today and possibly for the remainder of the week. Despite the massive inconvenience, I really feel for those stuck at SeaTac right now, our garbage pick-up is now scheduled for next weekend, and I am unsure when I'll be able to finish my Christmas shopping, the snow storms of the past week have turned us all into little kids, a little bit—sledding and skiing down Queen Anne Avenue looks like tons of fun. 

So what did we do in my neighborhood? 

We shoveled snow together until it was time for the kids to go sledding down the nearest big hill, 60th east of 35th. And what a thorough job we did too. 

Step 1: clear the snow with a motley assortment of shovels and spades (no snow shovels in evidence)

Step 2: melt the snow with a weed torch (quite a warm job)

Step 3: build a snow bank so that the kids can sled down a micro-hill and onto the street w/o going under a parked car

Step 4: follow the weed torcher with a broom to clear away excess water and scrape off icy bits

Step 5: salt liberally

Step 6: drink a beer (well, not me, I prefer hot chocolate on days like these)

Step 7: Enjoy watching the people gliding by on their cross country skis

Step 8: look up and see that it has begun snowing (again) and that, soon, all this work will be obliterated

Step 9: go inside to actually drink hot chocolate. :-)

Step 10: consult Cliff Mass's Weather Blog to see what will happen next . . .