Monday, December 1, 2008

An Interesting Sports Ceremony

Now, what would YOU do if confronted by this?

The All Blacks perform the Haka during the Investec Challenge match between England and New Zealand at Twickenham in London, England. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

(December 01, 2008, SeattlePI)

Looks like they won. 

But what does this really look and sound like?

Great fun. Nothing like very large men (slabs of meat really) doing a war dance at ya. 

Perhaps it is time to  

without soiling one's armor?


GVB said...

It really is something to see. Mostly because they back it up by actually kicking everyone's butts on the field of play. This is my brother's home town team, so I get an earful about the All Blacks pretty much every day.

Also, the Kiwi America's Cup teams recruit their pit guys and grinders from the All Blacks. Translate that attitude to a sailing crew and see what you get...

rpd said...

This is really quite serious, yeah.

Some years ago, when I was a small, very jet-lagged boy, we ended up at an evening performance of traditional Maori dance (near Wellington I believe). I was falling asleep in my front row chair, waiting for the performance to start when all these warriors burst out into the room and started to do a Haka. Let's just say that I was awake, riveted, and fascinated all at the same time. Amazing.

Those are big guys out there, however, to they fit on a boat? :-P