Friday, November 21, 2008

RIFfing on RIF-ing.

Happy, Happy Joy Joy!

28B.50.873 Reduction in force of tenured or probationary faculty members due to financial emergency--Conditions--Procedure--Rights.

Pretty odd to see this displayed in a budget meeting. 

We are in for an interesting ride. 


Andy said...

Also surprising to read the phrases, "salary cuts" and "buyouts" in the same show. Much posturing, rumor spinning, finger-pointing and paranoia will ensue over the next seven months.

rpd said...

Indeed. The rumors are already flying but all we really know is how bad the cuts are going to be, sort of because revenue projections can change, and that "everything" is on the table.

So what would happen if the Learning Factory closed for the summer? Short and long-term savings to be sure, but long-term hit in terms of the widgets who would simply go elsewhere.

Andy said...

Summer is a money maker, as there are no FT salaries to pay.