Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Winter Tan (or a muddy adventure on cougar mountain)


Can I say that again? OY!

Well, it isn't a trail run if there isn't any blood right? 

J went out with me to Cougar and turned green just as we turned onto Cougar Mtn Way. Almost there. What is it with this mountain, the drive, and this dog? Yep, she blorped onto the towels on the back seat. I actually pulled over to comfort her. Dogs are so gross too. She tried to eat it again. Ick! Ick! Ick!

So, that meant that I spent the first few minutes at Cougar cleaning towels off by dragging them in the grass and submerging them in puddles (it helped only a little). 

As I was doing this a guy came in from his run, covered in mud and muck. He looked pretty tired too. He asked how far I was going and I told him I was shooting for 8. My plan was to combine some of the AR routes with the SRC course to come up with something. Once geared up I trotted off. There was a very slight drizzle but it was pretty nice up there. Not a lot of wind, although it was obvious that there had been a wind storm or two up there recently as there were downed branches everywhere. Pretty muddy too right from the outset and footing was dicey in places. 

I wasn't hammering at all, just trotting along, both of us getting nicely and happily dirty. Ran up towards Coyote Creek and then up Lost Beagle before heading down on Anti-Aircraft to Tibbets Marsh and Creek. Took the Tibbets Creek trail down towards the erratic. Things were fine. Lots of things to go over. Pretty slippery and I was thinking that I would have to be a bit careful of my footing. Then, at about 2.71 (you can see it on the map) I stepped on a rock that was under some leaves and in the mud, the mud surrounding it shifted down and my right ankle rolled. I said something like "Oh No!" and sat down on the trail for a time. I could feel that some of the tendons on the top of my foot had been stretched out. I've done this before but this time it really felt bad and I wondered if I had broken something or torn something. So, I sat there and then got up, reversed direction and trotted/walked up the hill. I knew that if I got back to the Tibbets Marsh area I could catch a trail up to the road if needed. Things got progressively better as I went along although I was also pretty gingerly with it. By the time I got to the road I was thinking I'd be alright and so continued on with my plan. The ankle is/was sore but not swelling and I was able to get to the car, put a very, very muddy dog into the back seat, and head out. 

It was pretty nice to be out there by myself sort of reliving the races during the summer. Nicer also to know that I knew where I was and what I could do to get myself out of trouble if I needed to. Note to self: Two more things to add to my pack though,  ace bandage and temporary ice packs in case there isn't a handy stream of snow melt handy.

As I was unable to find a big body of water for J to swim in, and thus clean herself off, I decided to go straight to Rub-A-Dub Dog for an industrial strength scrubbing. The place was packed when I got in there and I had to wait. The attendant took one look at us and asked which of us needed a bath worse, J was covered in mud all the way up onto her back. My shoes were caked in mud and there was dirt all and up and down my legs (the photos I took of my "winter tan line" do not do this justice). She was not happy with this turn of affairs but submitted nicely and now we have a lavender-smelling poofy dog lying on the bed in the living room rather than the mud-caked stink monster than ended the run (Oh wait, that is me! :-P )

Ah, what an adventure. :-)

And where was the blood? I noticed a thin trickle of blood coming down from a scrape on my right knee. Hard to discern under all that filth. 


OK, now I have to go work. :-/


GVB said...

What have I told you about pictures of your feet?

rpd said...

Umm, that they are sexy and that everyone on the Net should see them? :-P

GVB said...

That. Or the opposite of that. Yeah.