Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wait, I didn't really mean it . . .

No, really. I wasn't aware that I said it! And now that I hear what I said you gotta know that that is NOT what I meant. No really, you must believe me. Please. It sure is uncomfortable being hoisted by my own petard.

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As an aside, I am so happy that I can finally come out of the closet as a real, live "Fake American." This means I no longer have to say I enjoy Lee Greenwood and venerate the Mid-West as the exemplar of goodness (like any "place" it has its finer points and those that one could easily live without). I can finally admit that something like 81.4% (see page 72) of the people in the US reside in urban areas and that they are no better or worse and moral or immoral than those small town and rural folks. I can celebrate Constitutional Patriotism rather than Flag Patriotism and think that speech, thought, and belief ought not be determined by the exigencies of electoral politics. I can acknowledge that rational political discourse ought be a goal to which all citizens aspire and recognize the weakness of emotionalism in politics. Moreover, I can honor the notion that citizens ought really to know something rather than relying on folk-wisdom without sounding like an elitist. 

Gosh, I feel so very free. 

Free enough to donate to Tinklenberg and Kissell?

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