Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Question: Do boiled eggs mix well with beach sand?
Answer: Not really as I found out this morning when I unpacked my breakfast from the plastic bag I randomly picked up in the kitchen. Turns out it once held rocks from Tofino. Yum. Crunchy.
Question: Are rainbows beautiful?
Answer: Yes, especially when the sun is smacking right into a very dark cloud band.
Question: Is Juan García Esquivel's "Cabaret Mañana" the most perfect way to start a morning (aside from a rainbow)?
Answer: Yes! [Insert very large and whimsical grin here]
Question: Did yours truly forget to bring his copy of Quest for the Holy Grail to use in class today?
Answer: Yes, he did and hoping that YouTube can come to the rescue.
Question: Who is going to "win" the debate tonight?

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