Monday, October 27, 2008

A Quintessentially Spectacular Weekend

According to the weather report the sunny days are numbered. 

My Oh My, but what a weekend! (I am channeling my Inner-Bing Crosby)

Saturday morning I decided not to push pumpkins (I ran it last year dressed as a white board complete with pens but nobody understood what I was doing even when I let them write on me) and headed up to the Lake Tradition Plateau on Tiger Mountain for a trot through the woods. 

It was very pretty and I went along exploring trails and things I haven't really seen before. Found a trail (top and right on the map) that became a very over-grown forest path near to which could be found an illegal camp. There were a lot of people out there and I was stopped to help some hikers determine what the "Connector Trail" actually connected to. J, the dog, had a blast poking her nose around and getting pet by little kids on occasion (this was a fun run only). 

Ever hear the sound of a dog starting to puke? That is the sound that I heard about two-minutes from home as we returned from the run. She moved the towel and hit did a number on the back seat. It took me an hour to clean it all out. The smell? Oy! We'll see. Sigh. Thanks J! At least you are cute. 

Home for some grading and then it was time for THE OPERA!

But first dinner at Asian Breeze (nicely presented food with wonderful service but the food was under-spiced (really so) and fairly bland so I am not sure we'll go back). 

Ya gotta Love the old Human Sacrifice theme, eh?

Second time at Elektra for me and wow was it fun. A much different performance than when I took students last Sunday. I appreciated the nuances of the various voices better and enjoyed the performance all the more. Janice Baird is pretty interesting although a number of people I have talked to were a bit put off by her general twitchiness in the role (is this the way she always is OR is she just inhabiting the role of an erratic, revenge crazed young woman)? She can sing. The fastest 100-minutes I have ever gone through, and not  single wasted moment. The orchestra was magnificent and did not sound muddled at any point (even with 99 players in the pit) and did not overwhelm the singers (for the most part, although Orest had a couple of moments which were difficult to hear). Irmgard Vilsmaier's Chrysothemis was a pleasure to hear. 

After an unsuccessful cupcake hunt at Cup Cake Royale (how does a cup cake place run out of cup cakes?) it was time to call it a day. 

Early start on Sunday. 

Met PT at AR for a 37-mile tour of the city in which we saw a sunrise, rode an elevator, saw a very large DNA Helix, and someone's lunch room. It was great ride. Very, very windy and chilly but also a lot of fun. PT is in much better cycling shape than I and I had to work a bit to keep up sometimes (she also has really, really skinny little tires compared to my "knobby" 700 c's and can roll more easily but, frankly, it is the engine that matters here). I came home with a big smile on my face and in an insufferably happy mood. 

Then, into the car to go look at the fall colors on Highway 2 out to Leavenworth (DW has never been there and it was such a spectacular day to drive out there for some fudge). I've usually been going too fast to stop but we did stop in a place just before Leavenworth that has captivated me since the first time I saw it (remember, GVB, that conference in Spokane we drove to? I don't but I sure remember the drive and the tour de Spokane you took me on—gotta love Boo Radley's now don'tcha?). Even better, on the way back we stopped, briefly, at the Iron Goat Trail Interpretive Center so I could see the map. Yep, the 1910 Avalanche disaster took place near this site and I cannot wait to get back there for a run

Here are the pix for the day. 

Then home, then walking the dog and talking to the parental units, then dinner with W&H at Gorditos Healthy (and big) Mexican Food, then cupcakes and conversation, then and exhausted sleep. 

I'll be paying for this weekend at least until Wednesday. :-)

OH, and I found this protocol for mounting a rear rack on my Poprad. 

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