Friday, October 3, 2008

Poprad's First Ride

It is here! In my garage. Sitting there, looking pretty cool! 

It was a pretty busy afternoon. Division meeting day at the Learning Factory and this time we got to see a DVD about how to survive a workplace shooting. These meetings are not particularly joyful (something tedious to get through on a Friday afternoon) but this brought things down quite a bit and I don't mind telling you that it was quite upsetting. No one likes to think about such things but I suppose these things must be considered and prepared for. Mental preparation actually seems to be the key. 

Meeting over I headed off bound for REI to get some biking shorts (now that I have a bike I suppose having more than one pair would be helpful). Got a mounting bracket for my Garmin too.  

Heard from Greg at Montlake Cycles who said that it was ready except that they didn't have the fenders I wanted and the rack is no longer made. He did have something else I could use though and I should come down to pick them out. Driving down there would be a problem. Taking a bus would take too long. So, I put on my boots, got a pack, and ran the three miles down there with my riding shoes and helmet. 

Got to the shop only to find that the mechanic that I had been working with was not there (he was off at the warehouse) and they could not put the right stuff on. SO, I have to call tomorrow and figure out the rack and the fender situation. Everything else is good. I bought a spare tube and a rear light (which they mounted) and headed out into the rain. Discovered a few things along the way:
  • I need fenders. Oh boy do I need fenders. The spray of the tires was not as bad as my Gecko but still
  • The stem might be a little too long for me and I might need to come up a bit (I can talk about this with the mechanic tomorrow)
  • Wet new disc brakes make a hell of a squeal until they dry off. I wonder if this is a setting issue? A newness issue? 
  • This bike climbs really well and with a triple it is very nice, although the easiest gear is still not as easy as mtb gearing
  • Running clothes are great for running but even a short ride in the rain, well . . .

So far I am pretty happy. Wiped it off when I got home. :-) 

Tomorrow? I'll mount my cages and stuff. Sunday I'll take it for a real spin.