Monday, September 8, 2008

Last Day on Tofino Time

Just returned from a couple of hours sitting at Cafe Vincente, reading Wolf's Proust and the Squid, drinking hot chocolate, nibbling on a muffin, watching the world go by, and being amused at the crows that would come within three feet of me and then squawk for my attention (Hey! You! In the orange shirt. Can't you see we would love some of that muffin you have). Rode a communal beach cruiser from the B&B into town and back. This was fun although the seats on these things are not the most comfortable. Took a bike tour of town too and ended up going up a hill that ultimately went to nowhere that I could see.  

Some random thoughts while sitting there:

  • You can only wear black and or gray if you are a surfer here, none of those bright colors often associated with surf culture. Board shorts, funky glasses, skate boards, bikes with board racks are just fine but the colors are muted. I wonder if that is just a stoic BC thing or . . .
  • I was the ONLY person in town wearing anything orange
  • Tofino's local population is more and more evident now that the tourist season is passing
  • I haven't heard the term "Phelpsian" for quite some time and I am glad of it despite the constant, and snotty,  reminders that language changes. I wonder when this word, like "Back in the day", will turn up in one of my student's papers 
  • Watching people learning how to surf is pretty fun, taking a surfing lesson would be even more fun. Next time. This trip I've just been focused on recharging my batteries
  • Running on the beach is one of the most enjoyable things a person can do, but you have to be careful to not sand the skin off your feet as yours truly did yesterday
  • There are so many surf schools here that graduates of the new Surfing degree program (business management with a surfing focus) ought to have plenty of time getting internships and opportunities for practica
  • I have never seen as many termites flying around as I have this week. They do fly but it is more of a wobble and their wings are so floppy that when they land the wings themselves end up in several different directions at once (they have four wings that I can count)
  • Canadians really do say "fer sure", "oot and aboot", and "OHkay". I knew this but have never really been around these speech mannerisms and accents when they have been so undiluted by "big citiness". This is all very interesting
  • When did "correct" become "krecked" in speech? Now there is an US speech mannerism worthy of at least a small cringe (along with "Phelpsian" methinks)
  • Reading weeks are wonderful restoratives for the soul and also curiosity and, having just had one, I understand how special they are
  • Wellington Boots and very short, short skirts make an interesting fashion statement
  • Some roads actually do lead to nowhere (or at least nowhere special) and they tend to be covered in rocks

It is our last day in Tofino and what a bittersweet thing that is. Having to speed up to "regular world" time with all of its artificial rhythms is going to take some getting used to. I awoke naturally at 4 this morning and, not ready to get out of bed, simply listened to the waves hitting the beach for the next 3 hours. Have you ever tried breathing in time to the sound of the waves?

I think I'll have time for one more BBQ, a walk on the beach, and one last run in the morning before starting the trek back to responsibility . . .

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