Thursday, September 4, 2008


A low key day here in Tofino. 

I awoke to fog and chill and sat shivering in the sun room watching the mist come in and go out. The sun was trying to burn through. A check of the forecast showed that the warmth was going to come in a day later. Today was supposed to be in the 70's but we only made it into the low 60's. 

Spent some time after breakfast working, contacting organizations to set up Service Learning opportunities for my students and then composing a letter of welcome for the students in my Honors American Government section (some of whom may not actually know that they are in an advanced section). Checked on my enrollments too, they are quite strong. 

After lunch and more work, D and I went into Tofino for some supplies. He is going to make pumpkin pie and we needed some other things. Took the opportunity to walk around the town and to sit and sip hot chocolate at Cafe Vincente. The summer season is closing and the town seemed fairly empty in the way that summer resorts often do. A little tired and anticipating something of a winter's nap. It did not seem like there were many people out and even the skate park was empty (an unusual occurrence according to D). 

I decided to go for a walk on the beach after we got home. M had been out on the beach reading didn't want to go as she was trying to warm up. I kicked off my shoes and headed out to feel the sand between my toes. 

The sun was out by now and the tide, just past its high point for the afternoon,  was beginning to recede. There were lots of people out on the beach, plenty of dogs chasing balls and otherwise gamboling around, and a few surfers making the best of the ever smaller sets of waves. The water was warmish and clear and I just wandered around looking at the patterns in the sand and the reflections on the water. 

As I went along I started to notice smaller things. I took a step and was alarmed to see a small black thing dart out from under my foot, jet off ahead of me, and then disappear. It looked like a small gardening spade. I took another step and it happened again. Another little black spade jetted off in front of me and disappeared. I banished the thought of sting rays (even baby ones) from my mind and kept on going. Can't tell you what kind of fish it was. 

Next I saw all kinds of shadows on the bottom being cast by "Beach Hoppers" or "Water Fleas" swimming at the surface. I stopped and one alighted on my toe and stayed there until I started moving again. It tickled but I wonder if it was munching on my skin. 

It was dog walking time and there were plenty of them in evidence, chasing balls into surf that was most recently inhabited by surfers. Their joy reminded me that I miss my own dog (she is, I have been informed, having lots of fun chasing a young  "Swissy"). 

Spent over an hour out there walking, taking pictures, feeling the sun, sand, and wind, enjoying the solitude and feel of the sand and water between my toes, and making footprints in the sand. 

Dinner at Sobo. The "Woodstone Oven Roasted Duck Confit Pizza" washed down with a Hermann's Dark Lager was mighty tasty and the Key Lime pie had just the right limey intensity to counterpoint the gamey sweetness of the pizza. Good stuff and if you ever get up here be sure to try it out. D enjoyed his Hemp Encrusted Chicken with gusto. R had a wonderful chowder and split a shrimp pizza with M who also had an oyster tostada. 

All-in-all, not much activity today. A perfect vacation day. 

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll begin by running  . . . but now it is time to read.

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