Monday, September 29, 2008

Boing! Boing! SSSSSSSSSS Wobble, Wobble . . . Bingo! We Have A Winner!!!

Just got back from test riding the Lemond again. I have made my decision. 

The Lemond it is. 

I rode from Montlake Cycles over the Montlake Bridge to a grassy hill on the east side of the cut, dropped that hill really fast testing the brakes and feeling the forks (I actually like them).

Got to the bottom of the hill and was going around to climb when all of a sudden the front wheel got really unstable. Flat tire. Doh! I had to walk back to the shop, experience carrying the bike. :-P The folks in the shop were really apologetic, one said that is what you have to expect in cyclocross, and, me, we I just said it was a great opportunity to feel what it was like to do a shoulder carry with this bike. I was really worried that I was going to damage the rim and scratch the bike when the tire flatted though. 

Got a new wheel from another Poprad and I went out again to do the same thing, this time without the flat tire. What a blast bombing the hill, hitting a variety of different surfaces (grass, dirt, wood chips, gravel, blacktop, steel plating, concrete).  I paid attention to the forks and brakes on the descent and did not notice the chatter. Pretty lively ride and I decided to keep the forks. Climbing went well, shifting was crisp as I mashed from a high gear to a low gear but this bike really needs a triple. Then back to the shop. Got in and the person helping me said "Well, what did you think?" "This is the third time I've ridden this and I have come back into the shop with a smile on my face. What do you think that means?"

So then it was time for more questions. 
  • "How much will it cost to put a triple on this bike?"
  • Rack and Fenders?
  • I am also considering the La Cruz what would it cost to build that with a triple?
One of the mechanics is specing all this out for me and I am looking up at some of the other bikes. There is another Poprad. It has fenders, a really cool rack, a triple, and a Chris King Headset. I am looking at it. THAT is exactly what I want In my head I can hear them thinking "Oh, what a poser, probably wants that because it "'looks cool'"—well it does but that is not why (I've been running King Headsets since the late 1980's and even toured the factory in SB and have NEVER had a problem with them, one less thing to worry about). Drool! They also just built up a special order Salsa La Cruz for a customer, also putting a triple on it. Turns out that doing that would actually be more expensive than the Lemond. So.

Time to think. 

A few phone calls later "How much would it cost me to put a triple on the La Cruz?" and my mind was made up. 

The Poprad it is. 

Maybe I'll have it this weekend, just in time for the rain. :-)

Yee Ha!


Andy said...

If you get your New Ride by Sunday, you can do a shakedown trip on the Kitsap Color Classic!

rpd said...

That is WAY TOO MUCH Lycra in one place . . .