Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the Sidelines

This morning I awoke from a horrid dream—I dreamt that I had a stress fracture in my pelvis or something structurally wrong with the femur head. This is what comes from ending one's evening reading Noakes and Granger's Running Injuries, something I do not recommend.

The reality is that I am sidelined for the foreseeable future while my left hip gets sorted out. Is it Piriformis Syndrome, a problem with an SI Joint, some combination of the two, or something else? I've not really run since 8/9/08, since the Cougar 13.1 which beat me up quite a bit, and spent the bulk of last week and this past one recovering from a nasty cold (word to the wise: never give blood a couple of days after a major event). Tried running this past Thursday, 3 easy miles with Sj that were easy-ish but I could not walk about 10-minutes after stretching. Riding a bike is fine and I've gone for two over this weekend: a 19-miler and a 33-miler, both on my mountain bike. 

In updating my coach I noted that I wasn't feeling too badly about this (probably should add "yet" though) because I had a wonderful summer of running. Here are some stats (I am geeking out with Excel data sorts at this point while sort of paying attention to the Closing Ceremonies in Beijing):
  • 441.83 Total Miles of Running in 16 cities
  • 26 Trail Running Events
  • 37 Road or Mixed Road and Trail Running Events
  • Six Races: SRC Cougar Series, SeaFair Half Marathon, and the 2008 Ragnar Relay
  • Nine runs around Green Lake (much more fun places to be running)
  • Three attempts at running up and past Talapus Lake (attempts 2 and 3 were just fine)
  • Mountains run up and over: Camelback, Tiger, Squak, Cougar
  • Number of runs I partnered  with Sj as she trained for the Transrockies Run: difficult to say but they were all really fun and I learned quite a bit
Quite an accomplishment for me actually. 

So I am on the sidelines for the time being and, for the first time, it is OK. I'll focus on PT and keep myself as sharp as I can with cross-training. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to run on the beach in Tofino next week. :-)

I'll be back, and stronger than ever. 

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